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squirrel control mississaugaSquirrel Removal Mississauga. Squirrel removal and exclusion services performed by licenses and insured professionals. Our animal control technicians will remove any nuisance squirrels from your attic and seal all entry points so that no animals can get back in. Noises like scratching emanating from your roof or attic is a sign that you are dealing with a squirrel problem. Give us a call and speak to an experienced technician. Our experienced squirrel removal technician will offer advice and perform all the work required to evict the squirrels and make sure they don’t come back again. Call: 647-496-0815

Squirrel Removal Services

The first step is to identify the entry points squirrels are using to enter your space. We will inspect your property, safely climb on the roof to find the entry points. Common signs are small holes and other debris. Once the entry points are identified you will provided with an accurate estimate and solution to the problem.

Entry points will be sealed with galvanized, durable wire mesh. A one way door will be placed on one of the holes to allow animals to exit but not re-enter. A second visit to your property will allow the technician to make sure there are no animals in your attic any more and to seal all holes created by the animals permanently.

Complete Animal Proofing Solutions

If animals have caused extensive damage to several areas it might be necessary to perform complete animal exclusion to your property. Such an undertaking might necessitate additional costs. All our services are covered by a warranty. Squirrels are clever and persistent, our warranty covers all services cost and we guarantee that all animals will be kept out.


The eastern gray squirrel and their melanistic counter parts is the predominant squirrel species in Mississauga. They are adaptable and flourish in urban and suburban settings in and around Toronto. Their natural habitat is in trees but they are known to live attics and soffits. Squirrels can cause extensive damage to an attic space. They chew wood, wires and plastic. Over time they can also contaminate a space. Such contamination can be health hazard to you and your family.

If you are experiencing problems with squirrels in Mississauga call the professionals. Call: 647-496-0815