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Squirrels are intrusive wildlife that causes a lot of issues for property owners. When their habitat is shrunken down, they retreat to residential properties for warmth, food, and water. They occupy man-made structures such as attics, sheds, or other alternatives. Homes are a great solution for squirrels. Once inside, the squirrel can do extensive damage to the property by leaving feces and urinating everywhere. This can lead to contamination or deterioration of insulation which is expensive to restore and replace. They also gnaw on electrical wires which lead to additional dangers. They also have babies that worsen the infestation. To get the squirrels out contact Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo!

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Guaranteed Squirrel Removal Kitchener-Waterloo

To get the removal process going, technicians will install an ‘One-Way Door’. The One-Way is a tunnel-like contraption that will force the squirrels out by giving it only one option when it passes through. The squirrel will need to exit the property once it needs food and water. The technician will find all the other entry points around the perimeter of the property and seal them leaving only one entry point left to cover it with the One-Way Door. Squirrels will only use one entry point which guarantees that the squirrel will pass through. The One-Way Door does not harm or injure the animal. Technicians are licensed specialists that aim to get the squirrels out as soon as possible with minimal intervention and work in a non-destructive way. In the case of finding baby squirrels, technicians will have to reach deep into the structure because they are often holed up deep in the back. The technician will gently and carefully remove them by hand one by one so that it can be reunited with the mother.

Call us at 647-496-0815 and book an inspection appointment with our technician. We will inspect the property before offering you the best solutions to suit your requirements.

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All our technicians are seasoned experts and can determine and locate weak spots around the premises through a full exterior inspection. We carefully look for entry-points that can be breached by squirrels and present our findings to the property owner.

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Once entry-points are found, we install a ‘One-Way Door’. The contraption allows the squirrel to exit the property but not re-enter. Squirrels will leave the property in a few days after the installment of the door. This guarantees a safe and humane way to eradicate squirrel presence.

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After the squirrels take their leave, our technicians will then seal the entry-points with galvanized steel mesh to prevent another invasion from happening. This also ensures that other types of wildlife cannot exploit the same entry-points. We will also recommend strengthening other areas of the property as well.


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Guaranteed Results

We promise that we will remove all the squirrels present on in the property with the help of our time-tested methods which are to be proven safe, ethical, and efficient. Additionally, we will provide effective squirrel exclusion services as well as proofing solutions so that any future infestation or breach is out of the question.

Discreet Services

At Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo we understand the importance of privacy and discretion as wildlife removal as well as pest control cases are highly sensitive personal matters. It is for this reason that we have chosen to deploy our all technicians in unmarked vehicles. Non-descript and simple. As it should be.

Professional Staff

Each and every member on the crew is licensed, trained, and has deep and profound knowledge of the wildlife animal or pest in question. Each technician had its fair share of tackling the most persistent infestations imaginable across the area helping countless families and businesses along the way. Squirrels are seriously no match for them wherever they hide whether that may be in chimneys, attics, behind walls, garages, or tucked away in a crawl space.

Affordable Pricing

We keep our prices fair and affordable because we know that a high quality of service does not only equal an expensive package deal. We wrap skill, knowledge, and expertise paired with a great warranty in a great bundle that is worth the investment! We are upfront with our prices and offer a detailed breakdown. If something is unclear, feel free to call us anytime and we’ll explain it to you.


With over a decade of experience in dealing with pests, we have gotten to know our squirrels pretty well. All of our technicians are seasoned experts cracking the toughest cases for years. No infestation is too big for our crew. We have an impressive arsenal of tools and formulations to combat any type of infestation regardless of extent and severity.

Safe Methods

We take the well-being and safety of our technicians and our customers very seriously. We follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that we do everything with safety in mind. All of our technicians are insured and are also fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment.

What You Need To Know About Squirrels

Squirrels, even though they are small, can do a lot of damage. When they find themselves in a space, they will make themselves comfortable. Squirrels will usually break into an attic in the colder months during the winter. Occupants are in danger when squirrels are present in attics because they gnaw or wires and cables. Squirrels can pose as a real fire hazard when one of these wires fuse. Squirrels also leave feces and urine behind in the very same space they live in creating a true cesspool of different viruses and diseases. Immediate action is required by the homeowners if any activity is suspected.

We remove squirrels from: attics, vents, chimneys, soffits, walls, porches


Squirrels Proofing Solutions

Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo offers comprehensive squirrel-proofing solutions so that your property is reinforced and protected against any unwanted attacks. Our technicians conduct an extensive exterior inspection to detect any weak areas around the perimeter of the property and will recommend actions based on the results. Our technicians are equipped with durable material that can guarantee safety and protection of your property indefinitely. We have been in the business for more than a decade and know where and how to look for areas that can be easily exploited by any type of wildlife animal roaming Ontario.

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Why Squirrel Control Is Important to Your Home

Squirrel control is important to your home because it protects and prevents squirrels from further damaging your home and incurring high reparation and restoration costs that can easily skyrocket to thousands of dollars. With the help of professional seasoned technicians this all can be prevented through one phone call. The technicians at Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo seek to protect and reinforce your property from any type of wildlife wanting to get in by utilizing durable strong material that can guard your property from any attacks such as biting, clawing, gnawing, pushing, ripping. All of our materials are high-quality grade so that it can defend your house indefinitely.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

Winter is the time that squirrels start looking for reliable shelter. Squirrels often target man-made structures because it provides the squirrel with all the amenities a squirrel will need. Squirrels often break into attics because it provides them with warmth, shelter, and protection.

Before you hire a professional, here are a few signs that might indicate you have a squirrel problem:

  • Structural damage
  • Foul odor from the attic
  • Scampering noises
  • Damage at entry points
  • Squirrel droppings
  • Squirrel footprints and impressions

These are a few signs that can help identify what wildlife animal you are dealing with. If you are still in doubt do not hesitate to call the technicians from Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo for effective and safe removal.

Disinfection Services

disinfection services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection

Decontamination and Cleaning Services

When squirrels exit the property, they leave all kinds of debris and organic waste behind. We urge every homeowner to have your space professionally decontaminated and deodorized. Our technicians are equipped to do just that at a reasonable affordable price. We use industry-grade cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers so that the space is as good as new! Squirrels will urinate and defecate in the same space as they live. This creates a pungent rancid odor that can permeate through other rooms of the property very easily. Urine and feces can easily seep through the porous material that flooring in attics is often made of. This in turn breeds bacteria and turns the attic into a dangerous environment.

The aftermath of a long squirrel stay will often result in degraded insolation that will do little to retain the warmth inside the house. We are equipped with the tools and equipment to re-install high-quality insolation material effortlessly at an affordable price range. Not reinstalling insolation will ultimately lead to warmth loss

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Guaranteed Squirrel Removal Services

guaranteed squirrel removal services kitchener waterloo
Humane Squirrel Removal using One Way Door

At Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo we know what it takes to get squirrels out once and for all. All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced to deal with any squirrel situation imaginable and will go above and beyond to prove that. In the decade that we have been active in Kitchener-Waterloo, we have encountered countless of break-ins by squirrels. As much break-ins as we encountered is also as much as we have removed and sealed. Squirrels are a nuisance when it comes to urban and rural environments and can pose a health risk to those who live in the houses. We have the tools and the knowledge at our disposal to make your squirrels go away in an ethical and safe manner without the use of any force that will put the squirrels out of harms way.

All of our technicians are licensed wildlife technicians that can deal with any situation that they are confronted with. It is important to state that we prioritize the safety and well-being of our technicians and our customers and will always strive for transparent communication. As a local company, we are aware of the role we are playing when it comes to our surroundings and this is why we believe in the tenets of the Integrated Pest Management control movement where every action is undertaken with the environment in mind! We believe in quality over quantity and this affects everything from the way we work and the materials we choose. At Squirrel Control Kitchener-Waterloo, you can a high-quality service at an affordable price.