Squirrel Removal Cost – The Cost of Removing Squirrels From Your attic

Squirrel removal costs can vary depending on how much damage the animals have cause. In most cases however the cost of removing squirrels from your attic is in and around $300. That cost includes the full wildlife inspection, the installation of the one way door and sealing the entry point when squirrels leave. If the animals have caused additional damage there can be an additional cost to secure the additional hole by sealing up all other entry points. If squirrels have entered you property, the standard process for their removal is to install a one way door which allows the animals to exit but not reenter.  Once the door has been installed and the animal has left, the door must be removed and the initial entry point sealed to ensure squirrels cannot get back into the home.  Most companies will offer standard pricing for the installation which often includes the exterior inspection.

What Determines How Much a Squirrel Removal Service Will Cost

The process is fairly straightforward. After our technician arrives on location we will conduct a thorough exterior inspection of the structure. Our goal is to identify all areas of concerns and the entry points the squirrels use to gain access to your attic space. Usually there is only one entry point. Once we determine the entry point we will be attaching a one way door on that entry point. Within roughly a week the animals will exit using the one way door but will not be able to re-enter. Our technicians will then return retrieve the door and seal up the entry point. All our work is covered under warranty.

Other Squirrel Entry Points

If there are additional areas that need to be sealed there will be an additional cost associated with the squirrel removal job. Typically sealing up additional entry points starts at about $20 per foot. The sealing is done using a variety of products. In most cases galvanized steel mesh or think metal flashing. A further cost to acknowledge is any additional entry points that squirrels may use to gain access to your home.  Although one way doors are very effective at ensuring the animals can leave, other points of entry must be addressed as well if they exist as squirrels will simply reenter from these additional entry points.  These can vary from reinforcing soffits, installing roof or pipe vent covers or installing galvanized steel mesh along a drip edge.  This generally costs about $20/foot per area of concern.

Wildlife Proof Roof and Wall Vents

Squirrels and other animals such as raccoons tend to gravitate towards roof vents. The vents on your roof that allow air circulations inside your attic and let warm air escape. This attracts animals that are working hard on getting out of the elements during colder months. The cost of wildlife proofing roof vents is a set fee and would depend of the type of protective measures used to seal them.

Chewing Through the Drip Edge

The drip edge or roof edge is another area squirrels tend to gravitate towards. It is the edge of the roof where the roof shingles meet the eavestrough.  It is not uncommon for roofers to skip sealing this part and just hide it behind the eavestroughs. Even when a roofer secures that part of the roof squirrels can easily chew through most materials roofers use. That is why you need to consider hiring a professional squirrel removal company like us to make sure the drip edge is wildlife proofed. The cost of securing a drip edge starts at approximately $20 per foot.

Squirrel Removal Inspection

Getting squirrels out of a home is a multi stage process, involving several steps to properly diagnose and deal with the issue.  First off an exterior inspection must be performed, and should the raccoon have entered during baby season an attic inspection would also be necessary to verify the existence of babies and to remove them if necessary.  Since squirrels can cause further damage to a home trying to retrieve their young, an interior is paramount during baby season.  As these processes are time consuming, wildlife removal companies will charge for these inspections, with the cost varying $95 – $225 depending on the length of time required.  We also offer wildlife proofing inspections. If you would only like to hire us for an inspection the cost starts at $145 plus HST.

Additional Value Added Services

Cleaning and Disinfecting. If the squirrels have made a mess we can clean it up. We remove dead squirrel carcasses or feces, urine soaked insulation we do so effectively. The cost of these services can vary and in general depends on how much material we need to remove as well as the difficulty. The cost of removing a dead squirrel stuck in a soffit of the 3rd storey of a 3 storey house will obviously be higher than the cost of getting it off a roof of a backsplit or bungalow.

Disinfecting squirrel entry points can also help with eliminating the scent trail that could potentially attract other animals after the squirrels have been removed.

Squirrel Removal Cost Considerations

Ultimately, the longer you leave the animals in your attic the more damage they will cause. They will damage more insulation, they will create more entry points and so forth.

Additionally keep in mind that squirrels can damage electrical wiring as well. So the fixing everything after they are gone can go up should you need to hire an electrician to fix whatever damage the squirrels cause.

If you have a squirrel problem and looking to hire a wildlife removal company make sure you hire a company with upfront pricing, a warranty and professional licensed and insured technicians. Call us to find out more about our services, guarantee and detailed pricing. Call: 647-496-0815

The presence of squirrels in a home can be a huge irritant to homeowners.  They cause extensive property damage, breaking through chewing through lead roof flanges, attic vents, wood shutters and siding. If they manage to get inside your walls or attic, squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home, including chewing into wiring and tearing up insulation for nests.  Wiring especially is a great concern as this can cause a potential fire hazard in homes.  Although not as potentially harmful, squirrels will still defecate and urinate in your attic which will require extensive cleanup and disinfection.  In addition to that squirrels are extremely disturbing.  They are most active in the early morning and early evening, thus making a great deal of noise and causing being rowdy at some our most important waking hours.  They are very intrusive and irritating to humans, and require professional assistance.  As such the cost is certainly a concern to homeowners.

Perhaps the most important concern regarding the cost of removing squirrels is that they are rarely fixed or a flat rate.  Unfortunately you also get what you pay for, so opting for the cheapest option will inevitably lead to more spending down the road.  Get it done right the first time by a company you trust is important, so make sure they warranty their work and think of the cost as a long term investment in your piece of mind.