squirrel-removal-OakvilleSquirrel Control Oakville. Squirrels have a destructive behavior and are known to damage building foundations and insulation in the places that they infest. Squirrels need food, water, shelter for the little ones and warmth from the cold weather outside. Your home provides the perfect haven for these rodents and hence they invade your attic to build their nests.

Squirrels are small in size and are very flexible. They can squeeze through tiny gaps or vents to gain entry into your home. Some squirrels even chew off a hole in your roof and ceiling to enter. These damage repairs can cost a fortune, depending on the extent of damage. Some damages caused by squirrels could be more serious in nature. Squirrels chew on wiring and insulation and render them flawed. It could take days to locate the damage and then have it repaired.

Instead, it is best to contact professional animal control services and get rid of the squirrel invasion. We at Squirrel Control Oakville provide safe and affordable wildlife removal and control services. Call us at 647-496-0815.

All about Squirrel invasions

Squirrels are from the rodent family. Hence, their behavior of chewing, gnawing and causing property damage is typical of rodents. It is easy to know when you have squirrels in or around your home or office premises. The obvious sign of an invasion is squirrel sightings. These animals are quick to escape so catching them yourself is quite a task. Their scurrying feet noises can be heard all over the house. They scamper on your ceiling, roof and even on the inside of your walls. Another obvious sign is holes and gaps created by the chewing of these rodents, to gain access into your property. Squirrels also leave behind an unpleasant odor. This is mainly emitted from their urine. If you take a peek into your attic you may sight the nest built by these squirrels and you may also notice babies in them.

You need to call professional removal services to assist you with the removal of such an infestation before it grows or spreads.

Health Threats

Squirrels are known carriers of various ticks and fleas that could affect pets or other domestic animals in your home. These rodents also transmit bacteria and germs onto food items and surfaces that they come in contact with. This could result in serious illnesses if ingested by humans.

Safe and Humane Removal and Control Solutions

We at Squirrel Control Oakville understand your dilemmas and can rid you of your squirrel problems immediately. We do not use any chemicals or treatments. Our staff is skilled and trained to humanely remove these squirrels from your home and squirrel proof your home from future invasions. Book an appointment today! Call us at 647-496-0815.