Squirrel control and proofing solutions in WhitbySquirrel Removal Whitby. Squirrel removal and proofing solutions. We remove squirrels, seal all entry points and make sure squirrels will not make their way into your attic or soffit again. If you hear scratching noises from your roof or attic chances are squirrels have made your attic their home. Our experienced technicians can get them removed. Call: 647-496-0815.

Squirrel Removal Services

Our technician will visit your property and look for entry points in your roof. These are small holes on the siding that squirrels use to enter. A thorough inspection consists of safely climbing on the roof, walking around the house and finding all current and possible weak points that could use re-enforcement. Once all these have been identified and presented via high resolution photography we will draw a plan of action for removal and proofing. We will install heavy galvanized wire mesh in all holes and also install a one way door to allow any animals to exit. Upon our second visit we will remove the one way door once we confirm that all animals have exited.

Animal Proofing Solutions

In some cases extensive animal problems might require more thorough animal proofing to get rid of the problem. If you continue to experience wildlife problems you might want to consider our complete animal proofing solutions. We will remove any animals, seal all entry points, as well as animal-proof your entire home. This process is more extensive that usually involves placing chimney caps, install screens under decks and strengthening all weak points in your roof, points that animals can use to enter.

If you are experiencing problems with squirrels give us a call. Call: 647-496-0815.