baby squirrels trapped in attic

Baby Squirrels Trapped in Attic

Squirrels’ mothers break in attics for quite some valid reasons. The attic provides a safe space away from predators, which include their own species surprisingly as well. Squirrel mothers give birth to squirrel babies in the spring and in the summer. For giving them extra warmth and security, the squirrel mother keeps the babies deep in the attic.

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Moreover, the squirrel mother ventures outside for food and stocks up on extra materials that she brings from the outside such as a whole pile of leaves! Baby squirrels reach adulthood after 6 months before they can fend for themselves. Before the 6-week period, the squirrels are defenseless. They rely on their mother for everything.

There might be several reasons why the squirrel’s babies stay trapped. The mother might be killed by a predator, or might be have been run over. Squirrel babies then will cry out for their mother. This is the first sign that often people will hear and makes them realize that squirrel babies are trapped inside.

In this case, it is best to call a professional squirrel removal technician after waiting a few hours. The mother might return later during the day where after a technician can be called to remove them together Professional squirrel removal specialists are licensed and certified individuals that have been in the industry for years. When the technician arrives on-site, the technician conducts an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection is one of the most important parts of the squirrel removal process.

The squirrel removal technician has to be extremely delicate not to hurt or injure the baby squirrels. Looking for squirrels can be a very arduous process since they are deeply placed within the attic. Other times, squirrel babies can be easily scooped up. When the technician locates the squirrel babies, a final sweep is made to make sure all the squirrel babies are collected.

The squirrel babies are put into a box and safely whisked off to a rehabilitation centre. In normal circumstances, when a whole family is found in an attic, the technician installs a cleaver contraption called the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption that lets squirrels out of the property. Since the One-Way Door stays faithful to its name, it only swings open one-way whereafter the squirrel mother gets locked out.

The squirrel babies are then safely removed from the attic space and put into a box and placed at a safe location where the mother squirrel can fetch them.

Squirrels can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in materialistic loss. When squirrels break-in, they can degrade the insulation material so badly that new insulation has to be installed. In addition, they gnaw on exposed wiring which can cause house fires. Furthermore, they can also bite and chew on boards that can degrade the structural integrity of the attic as well.

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