Where Do Black Squirrels Originate From

Where Do Black Squirrels Originate From?

Black squirrels are fairly uncommon in some parts of Canada causing many people to wonder where they come from. The short answer is black squirrels originate from the same place grey squirrels do; they are indigenous to the Americas, Africa and Eurasia.

The black squirrel is actually the eastern gray squirrel, but with melanism, which is a genetic condition.  It is because the black squirrel’s appearance is significantly different from its grey counterpart that it warrants a different name. The ‘proper’ name for a black squirrel is Melanized Grey Squirrel. If you think black squirrels are staying in your attic please call squirrel control services to privet any structural damage to your home.

Scientists are yet to find a specific reason why these squirrels have black fur although many suggest it may be a mutation accident which is fairly common in nature.

Black squirrels are not a threat to their grey counterparts. Some people believe that black squirrels are more aggressive and have higher testosterone levels than grey squirrels but there is no substantial evidence to support this claim. The largest population of black squirrels in the world is in Ontario, Canada. Ohio, USA comes a close second on the list.

Black squirrels have been artificially introduced in some areas for scientific research. These places include Battle Creek, Michigan and Kent, Ohio both in the USA.

How to Remove Squirrels from Your Property

The best option you have for a squirrel problem on your property is to call a professional wildlife removal service. There are good reasons to incur the cost of paying professionals for the removal;

First, squirrels carry diseases including rabies and can attack when they feel threatened. It is not advisable to approach or interact with squirrels if you can help it. These animals may look cute but they do have sharp teeth and strong claws that can cause serious physical harm.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, trapping isn’t a humane removal method. Trapping a squirrel may cause it to injure itself as it attempts to escape from the cage. It is also exposed to predators and extreme weather especially if you do not inspect the cage often. Keep in mind that it is illegal to transport trapped wildlife in most parts of Canada for more than a kilometer without a permit.  Most professionals prefer the exclusion method.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that there are no baby squirrels before evicting the mother. A squirrel may hide its young in soffits, ventilation pipes and crawl spaces increasing the chances of you accidentally orphaning the babies. A professional can perform a thorough inspection to ensure that the babies are taken care of if any are found. Separating a squirrel from its babies causes the young animals to die from starvation.

Lastly, an expert will clean the empty nest and secure all possible entry points including ventilation pipes, chimneys and roof vents to ensure that squirrels don’t come back to your home. Insist on a professional who offers a warranty for his work.

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