Can a squirrel be rabid?

Can a squirrel be rabid?

Squirrels are many things, a frustration, aggressive and territorial, a pest, a rodent and a protected animal under Canadian Law. So they cannot be killed like a normal pest as mice or rats can be. Instead, they have to be removed humanely, and not just them, but their babies as well. This is because the most common squirrel prowler is the female. Once at the end of the winter and once in the late summer, these squirrels will penetrate your attic or any other area they can find and build a nest. They will invite a male into the nest to mate and once the repeated mating is complete and the female is sure she is with child she will chase the male out of her nest aggressively, often biting him or clawing at him.

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She will then collect food while she can and rest when she gets too large, she will give birth to blind, immobile and unable to defend themselves in any way. They will remain this way for three weeks and will take longer to learn to defend themselves. For this reason, it is very important to take early precautions and exclude areas of the house that could be accessed, if there is already a squirrel in your attic then you will have to get it out as soon as possible and home she has not yet given birth. 

Squirrels are rather dangerous and they do bite, their saliva is filled with germs and viruses and they are often covered in parasites but rabies is one thing squirrels rarely if ever have. They are a very low species for rabies activity and because rabies cause slow and sluggish behaviours it would be shockingly easy to tell if a squirrel had rabies. They would not be quick anymore for one thing. However, petting or feeding a squirrel is very dangerous and if they bite you they can infect you and their scratches can also cause sepsis. So stay away from them, if they are bothering you and your family call a professional to take care of it. Squirrel Control can remove a squirrel from anywhere and even trap squirrels on your property, so call us now to set a booking. 

As for keeping them away yourself, good luck. It is very little to nothing that you can do on your own, repellents do not work, you cannot attach spikes to anywhere, on your fence or roof because they are protected wildlife and you cannot poison them. 

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