Can Squirrels Build Nests in Walls

Can Squirrels Build Nests in Walls?

It’s unfortunate, but squirrels can absolutely nest in walls. These indoor nests are particularly difficult to deal with because they are sometimes totally inaccessible without having to cut open the wall. If you leave one alone, it will only get worse with time, tearing up your walls and causing a horrid smell. If you suspect a squirrel nest somewhere in the walls of your home, call Squirrel Removal Toronto.

Squirrels are rodents that have adapted exceptionally well to urban living. These little rodents have learned to live alongside us in our cities and suburbs. They can be seen everywhere in parks and neighbourhoods across North America. Did you know that squirrels are omnivores? Squirrels eat fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, eggs, mushrooms, insects, and even young snakes. As rodents, they can chew through practically anything. That’s how squirrels usually get inside our homes. They chew through small gaps on the roofs and outer walls of our homes and crawl inside. Female squirrels are particularly attracted to human homes because they are warm, safe places to raise their young.

Squirrels can build nests in walls once they’ve crawled their way through an opening. Weakened soffits, damaged shingles, warped drip edges, as well as roof vents and wall vents are common entry-points. Once inside the home, they can make their way into the walls where they nest in the insulation. If there is a nest, you may be able to hear squealing, chattering, and thumping sounds emanating from the walls of your home. This may be accompanied by a foul smell and visible damage to the roof outside. There may also be an increased amount of squirrel activity happening on your roof and in the yard.

Any squirrels living indoors must be removed as soon as possible because they will seriously damage your insulation and dirty your walls with feces and urine. Squirrel infestations are also known to cause power outages and start fires as the critters like to chew on electrical wiring. To remove the squirrels, first look for the opening the animals are using to get in and out of the house. Then, screw a one-way door to the outside of the entrance. This functions like a live trap, but it has an open end that allows the animals to leave. They simply won’t be able to get back inside.

Keep in mind that squirrel nests usually have babies in them. If you separate a mother from her babies, you risk having to deal with squirrels that have passed away in the walls of your home. The mother may even find a way back inside, causing more damage and forcing you to restart. The best thing you can do to solve a squirrel problem is get professional help. Squirrel Control will gladly take care of any squirrel infestation and can even clean up the mess for you. Call Squirrel Control (647-496-0815) for safe and effective squirrel removal and pest-proofing.

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