How to get rid of the squirrel stuck in my AC?

Can Squirrels Chew Through Metal?

There is a situation one of our customers experienced. “One morning, I was making my early morning coffee when I heard a gnawing noise on my roof. When I went outside to inspect it, the metal shingles on my roof were disfigured and out-of-place. In fact, there was a tiny hole in my roof that lead into my attic. Since a good friend of mine owns a squirrel removal company in Toronto, I was able to get it fixed easily⁠— but I also found out a squirrel was the culprit of this problem.

How Can Squirrels Chew Through Metal?

Eastern gray squirrels and southern flying squirrels are a couple of the common species of squirrels in Ontario, Canada that chew on metal. 

Their powerful teeth mean that squirrels are able to chew on virtually anything around the outside of your house— from trees, lamps, downspouts, and even metal roofs. They can even do this without damaging their teeth.

Squirrels can definitely chew through metal, whether it’s aluminum or other soft metals. It’s important to fix the problem early because if left alone, major house damage such as attic infestation can occur. 

Squirrels are persistent creatures and will keep chewing until they find a way past the metal around your house. 

Why Do Squirrels Chew Metal?

Squirrels have four front teeth that never stop growing, so they must always keep chewing on things to rub them down. Their teeth are extremely hard and will not be damaged when chewing through metal. 

Squirrels chew every day, and depending on the weather, they can chew through metal to find someplace to protect themselves from the elements (aka your attic). 

Squirrels may also have babies in need of a shelter, so they will try to make a nest inside your home. Squirrel babies are defenceless and need a proper shelter to grow in, so it’s a common occurrence for mother squirrels to chew through metal roofs in homes.

How Can I Stop Squirrels Chewing Through Metal?

One method to stop squirrels chewing through metal is to apply a chemical or homemade deterrent on metal. Squirrels’ sense of smell is extremely powerfulthey even use their sense of smell to detect food buried in the ground

You can make a homemade deterrent by mixing together 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder, a gallon of water, and 6 drops of dish soap. This mixture can be sprayed on metal objects around your house.

Keep in mind this spray can be washed off with rainwater, and it’s not a guaranteed method. You’ll have to reapply the spray periodically and it’s not the most effective method, either.

Another method you can try is to reinforce weaker metals with strong reinforced steel. While not all metals are squirrel-proof, squirrels will have a hard time chewing through hard steel. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

The downside of this method is that it will be costly. And if you decide to do it on your own, you won’t have the benefit of having a professional’s advice on which areas need the most reinforcement.

The best method to stop squirrels from chewing through metal is to call a professional wildlife removal service. Professionals will assess your property and come up with a detailed plan to reinforce any structural weaknesses you may have. 

They will also give their professional advice regarding the best methods to remove squirrels around your home. It’s important to consider hiring a professional when squirrels are involved, especially as Canadian laws are very strict about wildlife safety. Hiring a professional is the best method in terms of humaneness and effectiveness.


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