Can Squirrels do Damage to Your House

Can Squirrels do Damage to Your House?

Yes, squirrels can certainly damage your house in multiple ways. One of the most common ways for squirrels to damage your house is by getting to the interior of the house. The squirrel damage already starts before the squirrel even sets foot in the attic. The squirrel makes its way to the soffit. While pitter-pattering on the roof and damaging shingles, Upon the squirrel’s arrival, the squirrel breaks the soffit open or tears a hole open near the fascia. When the squirrel goes inside, insulation will certainly take a hit.

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Depending on how long the squirrel has been staying, the more damage there will be in the attic will see. Insulation will degrade and will be made useless. The squirrel will leave feces and urine all over the place that can seep deep into the material. The space, in a very short time, is turned into a true cesspool where bacteria is teeming freely.

Not only is insulation affected, but the flooring and the wood will be also damaged over time. Squirrels have a bad habit to gnaw on everything from wood to soft metals. They gnaw on different materials to keep their incisors from growing too long and too fast.

The squirrels will gnaw on the wooden beams and also on exposed copper wiring. This can have fatal consequences. When squirrels gnaw on exposed wiring, the squirrels may get electrocuted. This immediately follows a horrible burnt smell that can waft through the attic space. In other situations, the squirrel can cause a short circuit that can lead to house fires. Many cases have been recorded where spontaneous house fires were the work of rodents like rats and mice.

Squirrels will not only damage your house but can also damage your health. The fumes and contaminated air can travel back to other parts of the house if it enters any of the exhausts in the attic. Mold growth can start because of the moisture the insulation absorbed and can spread to other rooms if nothing is done in time. People with compromised immune systems such as children and the elderly are at an increased risk of getting sick, especially those who have breathing issues.

The only way to get squirrels out of your house successfully is by hiring licensed and certified professionals that specialize in squirrel removal. At Squirrel Control we have been hiring wildlife control specialists for years, and have been helping homeowners, business owners, and community members alike. All of our squirrel control specialists have been expertly removing squirrels ethically and safely by using government-approved methods that guarantee the well-being of these squirrels at all times.

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