Can Squirrels Swim

Can Squirrels Swim?

Yes, squirrels can swim but aren’t great at it. One of the most common squirrel species in Southern Ontario, the Grey Squirrel can paddle, just like the Red Squirrel. Flying Squirrels, however, can’t swim and this is because of their webbed fingers. The Grey Squirrel does have limitations. It can only swim two miles it most. Most squirrels that can swim can paddle at most. Squirrels rarely swim and when they need to swim, it really is by accident or a way to survive. Squirrels mostly live in dense forests and get chased down by their predator. The way they swim is using their tail as a rudder. They can often be seen in ponds and in lakes, but then again, this is a very rare occurrence.

There are times when you can see squirrels in pools. When you do see this, the squirrel is most likely in distress. Most squirrels will, unfortunately, drown when they are not saved on time. Not only are pools dangerous, but any body of water that is deep enough. Pond owners need to pay special attention to this since some ponds can be deep enough. To make sure that no animal, in general, has access to the pond, a barricade can be installed around it.

can squirrels swim

During the older days, people would witness squirrels migrate in large groups by swimming across ponds and lakes. This was often driven by the search for food.

Squirrels can be a nuisance for several reasons, and the last thing that people want is a drowned squirrel in their pool or pond. The best way to go about this is to call a technician to schedule an on-site consultation. Technicians are experts in making sure that wildlife animals like squirrels and raccoons do not disturb the peace.

Squirrels are close to nature, as earlier mentioned before, most people spot them in forests, but when you find them in urban areas you can find them anywhere frolicking in public spaces like parks and on the streets. Squirrels often cause problems when they find themselves in urban places and will find ways to get into properties. Food, safety, and warmth are the three biggest factors that play in these break-ins. The best way to get them removed is through specialized intervention performed by licensed and certified wildlife control technicians.

Wildlife technicians know how to ethically and carefully remove squirrels with the help of established methods. Our technicians have been in the industry for more than a decade and can get the squirrel out in no time!




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