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Do Owls Keep Squirrels Away

Owls are wonderful creatures. They are known as very intelligent creatures in the west and in some parts of Asia considered as a somewhat less intelligent creature. Nonetheless, hearing an owl at night can conjure up all sorts of fantastical images, but back to reality.

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Do owls keep squirrels away? Owls are predators which entails that they eat all kinds of small rodents including squirrels. Squirrels are most vulnerable when they are on the ground. The owl is great at keeping rodents away such as mice, rats, and squirrels. The owl will pin the squirrel to the ground and start eating away. Smaller squirrels such as babies are usually the victim as they are smaller and easier to grasp.

owls eat squirrels baby
                                                     Owls often prey on baby squirrels who are an easy target

Squirrels  are considered vermin same as the mice and the rats. This is due to the problems that are caused by them. They are very destructive and intrusive where they will always grab the opportunity to go inside a residential property and incur material damage. Having a squirrel in your attic is the most common problem residents in urban cities face. This is often due to the abundance of food, warmth, and shelter these spaces give. This results is safe space for baby squirrels. Squirrel mothers typically give birth to squirrels in the early spring to mid-summer.

This already exacerbates the initial situation than what it was by  ten-fold. Squirrels damage the inside of the attic through a number of ways. The leave feces and urine behind wherever they please thereby damaging insulation. The insulation becomes so degraded that it will be rendered useless over time. If the issue persists, the urine can even seep into the flooring causing it to reach the lower levels.

Apart from doing their business in the confined and poorly ventilated attic space, squirrels also have the habit of gnawing and tearing everything apart with their razor-sharp front teeth also known as incisors. They gnaw on everything in order to keep their teeth in check. One of the most dangerous objects they choose to chew on is exposed copper wiring. This may cause a fuse and can very well lead to a house fire.

Squirrels teem with diseases and can be transmitted through direct and indirect contact. The cost of having squirrels is a steep one and can cause thousands of dollars in restoration and repair costs depending on how advanced the squirrel issue is. The only way to get rid of squirrels quickly and cheaply is to hire  licensed and certified professional wildlife technicians that are specialized in the ethical and safe removal of squirrels  using industry-standard and time-tested tools and techniques. To have your squirrels removed hire the specialists at Squirrel Control for high-quality and affordable services that have a 10+ year track record of successful cases. Contact us now to receive a free consultation and to book your next appointment!



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