drip edge squirrel exclusion in toronto east york

Drip Edge Squirrel Exclusion in Toronto, East York

Exterior Inspection 

A property owner wanted to get some work done on their drip edge and so, called the professionals from Squirrel Control Toronto. Since a squirrel was spotted going in and out of the property. The property owner did the right thing by having their drip edge secured.

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 The drip edge is an important part of the overall roof infrastructure and acts as a barrier to protect rainwater from going inside the interior and causing rotten shingles. Since the property owner’s residence was located at a central location surrounded by a lot of green space and parks, more squirrels would have sooner or later taken advantage of the gap where the drip edge is supposed to be.

Technicians immediately got to work when they arrived on-site and conducted an exterior inspection. They suspected that there was a hole in the eavestrough. The exterior inspection is the first and most important step of a squirrel removal job. Technicians took full precautionary measures and checked for squirrel activity on the roof level.

 Squirrels will take advantage of any small gap or sign of wear that they can exploit. This includes soffits, rotten fascia, rotten shingles, and drip edge gaps. Not only do squirrels take advantage of these roof-level weaknesses, but raccoons as well.



Initial Measures Taken 

The technicians concluded that the drip edge gap needed to be secured with a squirrel-proof protective mesh. This mesh can withstand the fiercest attacks that a wildlife animal might resort to getting inside, often leading to the attic space which often gives way to a whole other set of problems. The unprotected drip edge needed 90 ft of mesh on the upper roof. This steel mesh was fastened with bolts and washers.

Gaps in the roof  drip edge
Gaps in the roof can be very large. Squirrels can easily enter without a drip edge. Here, technicians applied steel mesh to keep squirrels and other wildlife out.

A One-Way Door was also installed at the back of the house. A One-Way Door gives squirrels and other wildlife animals a single exit. Once squirrels are out, they cannot come back in.


At the end of the squirrel exclusion job, the drip edge was successfully secured against wildlife animals including squirrels that can easily squeeze between the gap. The One-Way Door was also successfully taken down after confirming that no squirrel was inside anymore. It may not seem enough for a squirrel to fit through, but we must remember that squirrels are nimble as they are flexible, and unfortunately make it work. In this case, all possible break-ins are thwarted thanks to our technicians from Squirrel Control Toronto. If you have any suspicions of squirrel activity on your property or inside of it, contact the qualified and experienced professionals by calling 647-496-0815

Technicians successfully completed a squirrel exclusion as well as took the One-Way Door down and sealed it.

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