Examples of Squirrel Entry Points – How They Get In

Examples of Squirrel Entry Points – How They Get In

Squirrels can fit through a hole about 1 ½ inch wide so their options of entering the average house are almost exponential. The best way to keep squirrels out of your house in Richmond Hill is to find all potential entry points and seal them with galvanized steel mesh and metal flashing. There are the techniques we use in all our squirrel removals in Richmond hill as well as other cities throughout the GTA. But before we go about getting the squirrels out we first have to start with a thorough inspection to see how the animals have broken in. Some of the most common areas that squirrels use to break in include…

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Some of the most common areas that squirrels use to break in include;

Vents: these include the roof vent, gable vent and wall vents. The animals will easily chew through a plastic vent cover to gain access. The wall vent pipe, for example, looks a lot like a tree cavity to a squirrel and it will not hesitate to nest if it can find its way through. Most vent covers are made from flimsy material. Reinforce all vents with galvanized steel mesh so the critters can’t chew their way through.

Roof Edges: roof edges are prone to moisture damage from consistent rain, snow and ice. The rotting debris in the gutter also compromises the roof’s structure in this area. Squirrels have strong teeth that they can use to chew through the damaged section of the roof and into the house.

Chimney: once more, the chimney mimics a hollow tree trunk where squirrels love to nest in the wild. Most chimney caps are made from plastic that the animal can destroy to gain access. The wildlife can get stuck inside especially if the chimney flue is made from sleek material such as clay or steel.

Plumbing Mat: this looks a lot like a chimney and lets sewer gasses out of the house. Many contractors cut a hole on the roof larger than the actual pipe and seal the edges with rubber matting. A squirrel can make easy work of the barrier to get inside the house.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of how squirrels can get into a house. These are simply the most common areas. Any hole larger than the size of an adult fist is a potential wildlife entry point.

Hire an Expert to Squirrel-Proof your Home

The obvious problem with sealing your house yourself is you can easily miss potential entry points. A squirrel removal expert has a keen eye and draws from experience to establish every possible gap, space or hole that animals can use to get in the house.

There is also a very real danger of sealing squirrels in their den so they can’t get out. This condemns them to die of dehydration and starvation. It is inhumane and you will have to locate rotting corpses in no time. Baby squirrels have to be removed by hand which can be a risky job for you and for the animal.

Hire a squirrel removal expert in Richmond Hill to remove wildlife and seal your home to keep them out in future. The service also includes repairing squirrel damage and cleaning and disinfecting the nest. Squirrel feces and urine carry a host of diseases and attract other wildlife. Hire an expert who offers a warranty of at least two years for the service.

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