how do you get a squirrel out of your chimney

How Do You Get a Squirrel Out of Your Chimney?

Squirrels make nests in chimneys, and this is similar to how they would build it in nature as well. In nature, squirrels build two types of nests: A tree nest or a leave nest, or even both depending on the situation. The type that the chimney nest is modeled on is the tree nest. The squirrel usually looks for pre-inhabited structures or a naturally occurring tree hollow. The pre-inhabited structures are usually hollowed out by a woodpecker which then the squirrel takes up and builds a nest out of out. 

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In urban cities, squirrels have adapted this into chimney nests where they gather material for inside the chimney. They will gather the same materials as in nature such as leaves, twigs, moss, but will also include materials found in cities such as cardboard and paper to function as insulation material. 

Squirrels in tree hollow
                                         Squirrels in nature take advantage of tree hollows like these and build nests inside them

The chimney makes a great space to raise squirrel babies in since everyone in the chimney is snuggled together. This can also have catastrophic consequences. In case the fireplace is smoldering away, squirrel babies are unable to move and climb out of the chimney leading them to be burnt alive. Therefore, it is important to get the squirrel or squirrels out of your chimney as soon as possible. 

To get the squirrel or squirrels out of the chimney do the following:

  1. Try to make some noise below. This will scare the squirrel and cause it to climb up the damper and eventually out.
  2. If the squirrel is too deep inside the chimney and cannot get out, you might need to give the squirrel a helping hand, by giving it rope to latch on to. This will give the squirrel a way to climb out by itself. 
  3. If the squirrel made it to the fireplace itself, you might need to call a wildlife control technician. Wildlife control technicians are specialized in the safe and ethical removal of wildlife in and around residential properties.

Hiring a wildlife removal technician might be the most effective method to remove squirrel babies. Wildlife removal technicians can carefully remove squirrel babies and guarantee their safety. They will be reunited with their mother based on the circumstances and the situation. These are professionally trained individuals that are licensed and certified in the removal of different wildlife life animals that roam cities. 

The squirrel removal technicians from Squirrel Control have decades of experience in removing squirrels from residential and commercial properties in a range of different circumstances. They have been helping thousands of people in the years they joined the family Squirrel Control. To make an appointment, call our customer service specialists.


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