How Do You Tell if You Have Mice or Squirrels?

How Do You Tell if You Have Mice or Squirrels?

Whether it’s a rat or squirrel, nobody wants to welcome these little critters into their household— unless it’s a pet, of course. In homes all throughout Canada, mice and squirrel infestations are extremely common. Call Squirrel Control for reliable and affordable squirrel removal services 647-496-0815.

And figuring out whether you have a mouse or squirrel problem is the first step in getting rid of these home invaders.

How Can I Tell if I Have Mice In My Home?

According to the Cornell Agricultural Experimental Station, field mice are “the most prolific breeders of all mammals.” The problem is so apparent in Toronto that the city is even ranked number 1 for having the most rat infestations in Canada, with Ottowa and Mississauga taking second and third place.

And the main difference between mice and squirrels is that mice are nocturnal. If you hear some scratching in your house at night, you can bet that it most likely is a mouse (or, on a rare occasion, a flying squirrel).

If you also see little droppings in the shape of tiny rice grains when you wake up in the morning, they may likely be from mice. Mice are big eaters, and they will poop constantly wherever they go.

Mice are also experts at breaking in. They are very likely to get inside your home through smaller holes that even squirrels can’t fit through. That means if you find holes in cereal boxes or crumbs from snacks in your pantry, it’s likely you have a mouse infestation. You may even see the little critters running alongside the floor or walls in your home.

How Can I Tell if I Have Squirrels In My Home?

Squirrels are quite different than mice, even though they are both considered rodents. The main difference is that squirrels are diurnal. They will make a lot of noise during the daytime as opposed to mice, so if you wake up one morning to scratching and jumping in your walls or attic, it is likely you have a squirrel problem.

Check the outside of your home if you are still unsure if you have a mice or squirrel problem.

Entry points can leave considerable damage— damage to shingles, outer panels, and downspouts are all very common.

Squirrels, like mice, will also leave droppings. However, their droppings will be slightly larger than mice’s rice sized droppings; squirrels’ droppings tend to be about a quarter-inch long, or about the size of a small bean.

Their feces and urine also can cause considerable damage, especially if you have a squirrel infestation in the attic. Water and stain damage can occur on the ceiling from excessive squirrel waste. Mice can also cause ceilings to discolor, although it is generally not as common as those caused by squirrels since their droppings are smaller.

What is The Best Solution To Get Rid of Mice and Squirrels?

If you suspect you have a mouse or squirrel in your home, it is best to call a professional pest removal company. Mice and squirrels can both cause considerable damage to your home if not removed.

Damaged insulation and wooden structures can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix. These rodents can also cause fire hazards in your home due to chewed electrical wires. Finding and getting rid of all squirrels and mice in your home may be problematic, since you have to not only get rid of them but make sure they don’t repeatedly come in again.

Consider calling a wildlife removal company in Toronto or the Ontario region. Professionals will be able to best evaluate and execute a plan to secure your home, and provide expert mice and squirrel removal solutions for you.

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