How is Squirrel Removal Done

How is Squirrel Removal Done?

Squirrel removal in Ontario can be a tough job even for professionals. These animals are sleek, intelligent and determined. Most experts prefer humane eviction or exclusion to trapping. In fact, few wildlife removal experts will trap wildlife unless it is absolutely necessary. The exact steps for the exclusion may vary slightly depending where in the house the animals are nesting. Removing wildlife from under the deck, for example, is slightly different compared to removing squirrels from the attic.

Expert Squirrel Removal

Generally speaking though, the expert begins with a thorough inspection of the property. He will be looking for potential entry points, the extent of the infestation and whether there are baby squirrels in the nest. This preliminary inspection will inform the best procedure.

Next, the expert seals all potential entry points with metal flashing or galvanized steel mesh. He already identified the main wildlife entrance and will leave it open for now. The squirrels cannot chew or destroy the barrier to get into the nest effectively sealing all alternative routes except the main entry hole.

The professional then installs a one-way door. As the name suggests, the spring loaded door only opens one-way towards the outside. The animals can easily push through the barrier to get out foraging as usual. The door locks behind the animal and keeps it out permanently. The contractor will inspect the nest for wildlife activity and remove baby squirrels by hand if any.

Once activity has stopped, the expert cleans and disinfects the empty nest. Squirrels droppings and urine carry a host of disease-causing organisms. The animals may also bring in fleas and mites. The nest also contains pheromones that signal to other wildlife there is a good place to nest. He may also repair damage that the animals might have caused such as chewing wires and tearing insulation.

Finally the expert seals the remaining entrance with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing to keep wildlife out for good.

Again, the exact procedure and steps depend on the kind of infestation you have. Professional wildlife removal experts in Ontario use their discretion to determine the best way to go about the eviction. Although rare, trapping may also be necessary if the exclusion is not viable. Again, this is best left to an expert for the animal’s safety and that of your pets.

Hire a professional to remove squirrels from your home. DIY exclusion or trapping is rarely successful and can result in killing or injuring the animals. Squirrels are protected wildlife and it is illegal to kill them or harm the animals in any way. Ask for a warranty of at least to years to ensure that the eviction is permanent.

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