How Long are Squirrels Pregnant For

How Long are Squirrels Pregnant for?

Squirrels are highly adaptable creatures that have learned to live alongside humans. Anywhere you find trees, you will see squirrels. They may be cute but beware of squirrels looking for places to nest. Females commonly invade people’s attics in search of a safe place to raise their young. Squirrels will not only damage the roof but cause a significant amount of damage on the interior, tearing up the insulation and contaminating it with feces and urine. Call Squirrel Control if you suspect a squirrel’s nest in your home and we will safely remove it for you.

Squirrels are omnivorous, diurnal rodents that are common in cities and forests around the world. In Ontario, two can be seen every day: the eastern grey squirrel and the red squirrel. The eastern grey is either fully black or greyish brown, with a lighter belly. This squirrel is the largest of the two species and has a gestation period of 40 to 44 days. The red squirrel, on the other hand, has rusty red fur, little tufts on its ears, and a shorter tail. This one is pregnant for 33 to 35 days. Both the eastern grey and red squirrel deliver litters of 2 to 6 babies, once or twice a year.

Female squirrels build multiple nests in anticipation of breeding season, which occurs in late winter and midsummer. This way, they can move to different nests when they feel unsafe. Squirrels will naturally nest in trees, but in human environments, they will attempt to nest in attics. Attics are attractive to squirrels because they are above ground, like trees, and present the animals with an opportunity to nest somewhere safe and warm. To get inside, squirrels will chew their way through roof vents, plumbing vents, broken shingles, and gaps along the roof’s edge. Once they have broken in, they build nests in the insulation.

While you may admire the squirrels in your neighbourhood, it is important that you protect your home from an invasion. Squirrels are highly destructive animals that carry dangerous diseases. They will wreak havoc on the structure of your roof and put you and the members of your household at risk of getting sick. Remove sources of food from your yard and make your roof impenetrable. Switch to squirrel-proof bird feeders, pick up any fallen fruit, and cover your vegetables with row covers. Use lidded garbage cans and clean out the gutters on a regular basis. Then, cover your roof’s vents and chimneys with a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh. Keep your roof in good shape.

Baby squirrels are adorable and will show up in your neighbourhood every spring and every fall. If you think there are some in your home, call Squirrel Control. Our technicians are experienced in squirrel removal and can solve the issue quickly and humanely. We perform thorough inspections to get to the bottom of every issue and implement solutions that work, no matter the situation. We also offer guaranteed pest-proofing that will keep the squirrels out for good. Call Squirrel Control for safe and reliable squirrel removal and pest-proofing services in the GTA: 647-496-0815.

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