How Long are Squirrels Pregnant

How Long are Squirrels Pregnant?

Squirrels are seemingly everywhere. These are highly adaptive creatures that can be found in cities, suburbs, parks, and forests all over the world. They have found a way to breed and find success despite human habitation. Squirrels are adorable animals, but beware of breeding season – female squirrels will happily invade your attic if given the opportunity to nest inside. If there are lots of squirrels in your area, be sure to squirrel-proof your property and reach out to a local pest removal company if any have made it indoors. Call Squirrel Control Toronto for squirrel removal and proofing services.

Squirrels are omnivorous rodents that live amongst the trees and nest in their branches for safety and warmth. Squirrels mate twice a year: once in late winter and again in early summer. Females build nests in anticipation of mating season, then kick the males out when they are expecting. Eastern grey squirrels are pregnant for 40 to 44 days, and red squirrels are pregnant for 33 to 35 days, bringing forth litters of 2 to 6 babies at a time. At 37 days of age, baby squirrels will begin to leave the nest but continue to be fed by their mothers. By 45 days, they are independent.

Though squirrels naturally nest in trees, they are also attracted to human attics. Like trees, attics present female squirrels with an opportunity to nest above ground. Squirrels looking for a place to nest may exploit the vulnerabilities they find on the roof, like a plastic roof vent cover or a gap between soffits. As rodents, their teeth are strong enough to chew through wooden, plastic, and soft metal materials. Once inside the house, squirrels like to nest in the insulation of the attic, close to the entrance they created to the outdoors. Signs of an infestation include hearing scampering, scratching, and squealing sounds coming from the attic, as well as an increased amount of activity on the roof.

If there are many squirrels in your area, it is recommended that you make your property unattractive to squirrels to prevent their entry into the home. Start by tidying up the yard by picking up fruit, mowing the lawn, and raking the leaves. Cover your vegetable garden with row covers and store bird seed in sealed containers. Switch to squirrel-proof bird feeders and use lidded garbage cans. Then, examine your roof closely and make all necessary repairs. You can seal small cracks with caulking and strengthen weak spots with steel mesh. Cover your chimneys and vents with a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh to prevent animal entry.

Squirrels are active year-round, and their pregnancies don’t stop them. These are busy, opportunistic animals that will make the most of your roof during breeding season. Call Squirrel Control if you suspect a squirrel invasion in your home. Our technicians are highly experienced in squirrel removal and can take care of the problem for you. We conduct thorough inspections to get to the bottom of every squirrel problem and implement comprehensive solutions that are guaranteed to work. Call Squirrel Removal today for high quality squirrel removal and exclusion services: 647-496-0815.

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