How to protect Soffit Vents from a squirrel invasion

How to protect Soffit Vents from a squirrel invasion

Soffits, what are soffits. I bet that is not a word you hear very often. It’s mostly a term used by roofers. Soffits are the underside of the roof that extends past the house. There is a roof with shingles, beyond that a drip edge and the eaves than the facia and then underneath it all, protecting your attic and doing all the real heavy lifting protecting your home from infestation, is the soffit. They are often panels made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. Most people swear by vinyl as it is almost perfect in its ability to do its job without intervention.

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You will rarely have to repair it and animals will have real-time trying to penetrate it. Now if your soffits are wood then they are an easy get for any wildlife. They can rip out the strips of wood with ease and then crawl into your attic like they already lived their whole lives. If you have a soffit issue, a missing strip or a vent that is delicate or broken then you will need to take advantage of the many soffit and roof sealing materials and devices offered on the commercial market. Steel mesh is the best way to seal off a hole in a soffit but there are many other ways. Some people like to use spray foam but that will not stop an animal from ripping it off and getting in anyway. 

The soffit area of your house is a place most people pay no attention to at all until something breaks in and makes a hole. The soffit is one of the primary areas that protect your home from infestation. The soffit leads directly to the attic and areas behind the walls allowing almost any animal or pest to get into your home with ease and build a nest without your knowledge. You will likely not be able to remove the animal yourself once they are in there. You will have to call a professional to do that. But it is important to know that squirrels are the most common creature to enter an attic through the soffit so be wary during squirrel mating season which happens once at the end of the winter and once in late summer. During these times you can easily get an infestation and once the female squirrel gives birth to her children she won’t leave that attic for at least a month, no matter what you do. 

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