How to Remove Squirrels from a Soffit

How to Remove Squirrels from a Soffit

Squirrels are troublesome little animals. These rodents will chew on your soffits and build nests inside the attic, causing odour problems and compromising the structure of your roof. Squirrel infestations also risk fire and power failure as they like to chew on electrical wires. It’s important to remove squirrels from a soffit as soon as possible. The key is to do it right. Call Squirrel Removal Toronto if you suspect a squirrel infestation in your home.

Squirrels are omnivorous rodents that feed mostly on buds, seeds, nuts, and fruit. The Eastern grey squirrel is the most common species in Ontario, measuring up to 30cm in length and weighing somewhere between 400 and 600 grams. These animals naturally live in trees, but they are also known to invade people’s roofs and attics. Female squirrels commonly invade human structures in search of a warm place to nest and raise their young. Squirrels breed twice a year: once in the early spring and again in late summer, producing litters of 2 to 5 babies each. Babies become autonomous between 12 and 14 weeks of age.

If there are squirrels in one of your soffits, you may have witnessed an increased amount of squirrel activity on your roof or heard them make a lot of noise during the day. Squirrels usually sneak into soffits by finding a weak spot somewhere on the soffit and chewing their way inside. Once inside, they sometimes make their way into the attic of the home. To remove these squirrels, you will need to find exactly where they are nesting and install a one-way door to the entrance of the nest. This can be screwed into the soffit so that it hangs upside down and stops any squirrels from trying to get back in the nest.

It’s important that you do not install a one-way door to a nest that has babies. A mother squirrel that becomes separated from her young will frantically find her way back inside the roof, damaging your property further. If you cannot wait until the babies have grown, you will need to remove them from the nest and place them outside, on the roof, in an open box, for the mother to come get them. Given that this is a difficult process, calling a professional wildlife remover is a good idea. A professional will have the tools and experience to remove the animals safely.

The technicians at Squirrel Control are experienced in squirrel removal and guarantee to remove any squirrel problem from your home. Once removed, we offer you squirrel-proofing services to keep the animals out for good. We’ll block any potential entry-point into the home so that this never happens again. Call Squirrel Control today and ask us about our 2-year warranty: 647-496-0815.

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