How to Remove Squirrels From the Home

How to Remove Squirrels From the Home

If you have been hearing the pitter-patter of little feet around your home, and you’re pretty sure it’s not of the human variety, chances are good that you could have a squirrel problem. In fact, squirrels love to make their home in several important places such as inside walls, eaves, and attics. The good news in this is that evicting them is as easy as observing them and countering their habits.

Stop, Look, and Listen

A good first step to getting rid of squirrels is to know how they are getting into your home. For this, you need to know their method of entry. When you know where they are, chances are good that you will find their entry point. Don’t dismiss the possibility that they might have several points of entry. In fact, if you have a squirrel problem chances are good that they have several entrances.

Once you find the entrance(s) that squirrels are using into your home you will need to act when you know they aren’t there. Do they go out looking for food during the day or night? Several species of squirrels can leap, so you will also need to make sure that trees and bushes are trimmed back to prevent their entry in this manner. Contacting your local cooperative extension service will help you to learn what type of squirrels you are dealing with as well as how to combat them effectively.

Finding entry points is probably as easy as watching and listening for them. Squirrels usually get in through openings that are about two inches in diamter or about the size of a baseball. Look for these openings in sidings, vents, and foundations.

Securing Entrances

Once you know the squirrels are not home, you will need to close off those entry points. This can be accomplished by covering the entries with steel mesh or sheet metal, anything that can’t be chewed through. You can also use caulk or foam sealer, anything that can be painted over.

If you are having trouble finding a time when the squirrels are not home, especially if there might be a litter of baby squirrels involved, you will need to take more drastic measures. Squirrels like a quiet place to sleep, so making their neighborhood noisier is a good step. You can do this by putting a radio and light where they are nesting. This will encourage them to leave. You can also buy one-way trap doors that will let them out, but won’t allow them to return. Some online sources sell predator urine, which you can use to soak a small rag and leave near their nest.

Still having problems with squirrels? Wildlife control professionals are always there to help.

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