how to remove squirrel from walls

How to Remove Squirrels from Walls

Complaints about squirrels in the wall peak around spring to late summer when the critters are looking for a warm, safe place to breed and hunker down for the colder months. The squirrels typically get into the wall cavity through the attic. The walls are out of sight, warm and quiet and therefore a perfect place for the squirrel to create a nest and begin to breed.

Squirrels in your walls are a serious problem and should be addressed as quickly as it is noticed. Besides the many diseases that squirrels carry including leptospirosis, salmonella and Lyme disease, these critters chew through electrical wires and is a potential house fire waiting to happen.

Signs of Squirrels in the Walls

Like all pests, you need a positive identification before you can attempt to remove the offending wildlife. The first obvious sign that you have squirrels in your walls is having spotted them in your yard or going in and out of your house. The direction of the scurrying is also a good indicator of the animal. Mice and other rodents will run around on the floor of the wall cavity while squirrels will run up and down the wall.

Incessant scratching is also a good sign you have squirrels. Squirrel babies are big compared to the mother so birthing is a strenuous experience. The female loosens her leg muscles during the birth which is what you hear as scratching on the walls. Finally, you may notice common signs of squirrels around your walls including droppings, chewed holes and claw marks.

Removing Squirrels from Your Walls

The most effective and humane way to remove squirrels from your walls is through exclusion. Only begin once you are sure that the animal you are dealing with is indeed a squirrel. Being with a thorough inspection of your home interior and exterior to find out how the squirrels are getting in and out. You are bound to discover multiple possible entrances so take your time to find all of them. Keep in mind that any gap or hole 1 ½ inches or more are enough to let the critter through.

Next, identify the main entrance. You do this by loosely stuffing all the holes with newspaper or a sponge and check in after a day or two. If the barrier is disturbed or removed then you have found the main entrance. Seal all the other entry points leaving only the main entrance. Install a one-way door which allows the squirrels to leave their den but blocks their entry on the way back in. Inspect for activity regularly until you are sure that all the squirrels have left.

Inspect the wall carefully to make sure that there are no babies left inside. You may need to create a hole in the wall to remove them if you cannot reach them. Wear heavy-duty gloves to remove them by hand and put them in a loosely closed cardboard box with a warm blanket, some food and water and place it outside where their mother is bound to find them.

Once you are sure that there is no other wildlife in the wall, remove the nest carefully wearing protective gloves and a face mask. Put the nest in a plastic bag, seal, and place in a second bag and seal before disposing carefully. Clean the nesting area thoroughly with a mixture of bleach and water. Squirrel debris can carry disease while the pheromones left behind may attract other wildlife to your home. Finally, seal the remaining exit hole and make the necessary repairs if you had to make a hole in the wall.

Hire Wildlife Removal Company

Removing wildlife from your walls is a tricky undertaking best left to the expert. There is a good chance that you won’t be able to find all the entry points causing you to deal with a consistent wildlife invasion. You also put yourself at risk of an animal attack in case of rabid squirrels or if a mother finds you attempting to handle its young.

A squirrel removal expert in Toronto will make sure that the squirrels and the litter are removed safely. The expert also cleans the nesting area with commercial-grade disinfectants to eliminate the risk of contracting diseases. Make sure that you get a warranty for the service.

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