How to Stop Squirrels From Building a Nest In a Car

How to Stop Squirrels From Building a Nest In a Car

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of animals like to cozy up in your car for the winter. After all the car is a safe space for all kinds of rodents such as squirrels, rats, and mice. You might even spot a kitten in your car! So why do squirrels and all the other animals like to retreat in your car? The car is not just one solid block of steel on wheels, but it is a complex mechanism which all kinds of grooves and openings that can make it easy for squirrels and other rodents to get in

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Especially cars that have been sitting for a while seem very attractive for squirrels to hunker down in. The issue that quickly arises is that squirrels have an instinct to chew everything around them and that will include the dizzying array of cables and wiring in the hood compartment, where, by the way, most of the animals are found. Squirrels will make themselves very comfortable and will start bringing in nesting material to make the car even more welcoming than it was before! They will start bringing in twigs, leaves, moss, and all kinds of materials that will keep the squirrel warm and protected from the elements!

Squirrel in Car Engine
                                  Not only do squirrels stay in car engines, but also mice, rats, and even cats!

So how do you stop a squirrel from building a nest in the car? The answer might seem very straight forward and it actually is. You stop a squirrel from building a nest by regularly checking for a squirrel or even a cat. Tons of online videos show kittens huddled up in the hood, so if not for squirrels then do it for the poor kitten that might be stuck in your car! Simply open up the hood and take a thorough look inside, preferably with a flashlight!


Squirrels have a habit to nest deep inside under the hood. Other times it is very obvious. Squirrels can even find themselves in the grill of the car, so make sure to check this as well. As the winter months approach, animals such as the squirrel will try and get into the car. Make sure to check underneath the car as well if your car hasn’t been moved for at least a few days. Inspection is key to prevention.


To make really sure that a squirrel won’t be making nests, you can do the following:


  1. Insert mothballs under the hood. Make sure these are parts that do not heat up and a space where there is a lot of room! This is where squirrels would like to end up Place the mothballs in a pouch that you can make from the screen. Secure them by looping a wire through it and attaching it to something solid.
  2. Spray animal repellant. Again, on parts that do not heat up!


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