How Much Does it Cost To Get Rid of Squirrels

Question: “How Much Does it Cost To Get Rid of Squirrels?”


Removing squirrels is a process that often varies from house to house. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the cost to get rid of your squirrel problem without having a professional quote.

Squirrel removal costs can also be expensive if you decide to do it yourself, as squirrel removal often requires a lot of testing and trying out different methods if you’re a beginner.

For example, a good squirrel trap that professionals use can run in the hundreds of dollars. Further, it is best to hire a professional who is trained in handling and dealing with a variety of squirrel removal cases.

Typical prices in Toronto for squirrel removal vary, but professional services usually offer a certain range of costs.

For attic infestation, typical costs will be $250-$300. This price includes all steps necessary to remove squirrels, including sealing entry points, installation of a one-way exit door and professional examination.

If you have additional entry points in your home beyond a normal range, additional seals will cost around $20. If there are babies in the attic, you can expect to pay around $200 as it is difficult to remove babies without upsetting the mother. Professionals can also spot other preventatives your house may need, with an additional cost.

Inspections for wildlife problems will usually run around $95-$225 depending on the wildlife company. Infestations or nest removal will cost much more, so getting an inspection is worth it to prevent any possible squirrel damage in the future. In most cases, squirrel removal services will cost less than $500.

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