How to stop squirrels from chewing on wires

Question: “Is it Legal to Kill Squirrels in Ontario?”

Citizens of Ontario, Canada may have a hard time knowing that in most cases, squirrels aren’t allowed to be killed in urban areas. In fact, it’s illegal and killing squirrels in urban areas is deemed as inhumane.

Hunting, however, is a different story. Squirrels are allowed to be hunted in rural areas or legal hunting zones in the Ontario province as long as a permit is on hand.

Wildlife is protected under Ontario law, so it can be very difficult to remove squirrels from your property without breaking Ontario law. Squirrels are even celebrated in Ontario; there is even a national holiday in January to celebrate squirrels called Squirrel Appreciation Day.

There are exceptions for this where you can take matters into your own hands, however this is strongly discouraged as the laws on wildlife in general are very difficult to maneuver in Ontario. Handling squirrels is best left to professionally licensed wildlife technicians who have years of experience dealing with squirrel cases.

Also, keep in mind that it is still illegal to harass or kill more squirrels than necessary to protect your property.

This means you can’t kill squirrels simply because they are relaxing on your rooftop. Ontario laws are strict regarding killing squirrels, and if you aren’t sure, it’s best to contact a professional squirrel removal company in Toronto for expert advice.

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