Should I Remove a Squirrel Nest from a Tree

Should I Remove a Squirrel’s Nest from a Tree?

Squirrels are problematic, opportunistic animals that will tear up your vegetable garden and try to get inside your house if there is an opening. These pests are known to terrorize bird feeders and cause loads of trouble. So, should you remove a nest if you see one in a tree? Removing a nest by yourself is not recommended because you risk hurting yourself and the animals inside. For all you squirrel concerns, call Squirrel Removal Toronto.

Squirrels are omnivorous, arboreal rodents that feed primarily on buds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The most common squirrel in Ontario is the eastern grey squirrel, which appears either grey-brown or fully black in colour. This squirrel measures up to 30cm in length and has a big, bushy tail that is nearly just as long. The red squirrel is also common, but it prefers to live in quieter areas that have coniferous trees. This squirrel has ear tufts, a shorter tail, and rust-coloured fur. Both species breed twice a year, producing litters of 2 to 5 babies each in the early spring and late summer.

Squirrels typically nest about 30 feet above ground in tree canopies and hollows. The big, round, bushy nests you see at the tops of trees are called dreys, while the nests you do not see inside the trunks of trees are called dens. These nests are made of twigs, leaves, and grasses that are carefully woven together for stability and insulation. Squirrels build nests to raise their young and to stay warm throughout the winter. A single female squirrel will build as many as 5 different nests throughout the year so she can relocate her family in case of danger.

Whether you should remove a squirrel’s nest from a tree or not ultimately depends on the time of year because you risk harming some baby squirrels. You also risk being injured as squirrels may attack you if they feel threatened. A single bite or scratch could infect you with sepsis, tetanus, or tularemia. Kicking squirrels out of their homes in the middle of winter is not ideal either because they will have lost everything they did in preparation for winter. Keep in mind that because they live in trees, squirrels do not damage them very much, so there is no particular need to remove nests unless the squirrels are giving you trouble elsewhere.

It is for these reasons that you should get the help of a professional to remove a squirrel’s nest from a tree. A licensed technician will be able to identify if there are any baby squirrels in the nest and remove it safely. Our technicians are experienced in squirrel removal and would be happy to help you with whatever problem you’re dealing with. We offer guaranteed pest-proofing services to keep squirrels and other pests out of the home, too. Call Squirrel Control today: 647-496-0815

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