the dangers of squirrels

The Danger of Squirrels

One look at a furry scampering squirrel and you would hardly think these cute creatures could pose any danger to just any animal, let alone the far larger and more powerful human species.

Well, although squirrels don’t really have the tendency to attack human beings, the facts that they are capable of causing quite a lot of damage on the property front, and have even been known to carry certain deadly diseases, are enough to label them fairly dangerous animals.

Firstly, squirrels are quite friendly creatures and when living in close proximity to humans, provide quite a lot of entertainment. Their scurrying about on your front lawn and in the tress, hiding their nuts and then searching for them, and simply having them around to remind you how close you are to nature are all great things.

However, you do need to take into account the dangers these creatures pose too, and they are quite a few.

On the property front, squirrels are known to cause damages in their quest to find a great hiding place for themselves and their food. So whether it is chewing up the wooden beams in attics or digging up the front lawn, squirrels do cause havoc. Their gnawing at wires sometimes causes serious damage too, and poses quite a serious danger.

On the health front, although squirrels haven’t been known to carry diseases that are particularly dangerous on a regular basis, there have been instances where these furry creatures have even been held responsible for transmitting the rabies virus.

Then there are those nasty ticks, fleas, mites, lice and other similar organisms that live in a squirrel’s fur. These can easily move base from the squirrels to your pets and even your skin, and are indeed a real threat.

For these reasons and more, the danger of squirrels is real indeed.

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