What does a Squirrel Nest Look Like in an Attic

What does a Squirrel Nest Look Like in an Attic?

Have you been hearing some strange sounds coming from upstairs? There may be squirrels in your attic. While they may look harmless, squirrels are quite hazardous. They actually spread some dangerous diseases, like salmonellosis, tularemia, and plague. They may also have parasites like ticks and fleas. Having squirrels in the attic will damage the roof and the insulation inside, increasing energy costs. Urine and feces will pile up with time and risk leaking into the ceilings below. The sooner you remove the squirrels, the better. Call Squirrel Control today if you suspect an infestation on your property.

Squirrels are common all over the world. These are highly adaptable rodents that measure roughly 20 to 30cm in length, with bushy tails nearly just as long. As omnivores, squirrels enjoy a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, buds, fungi, and insects. Squirrels are excellent climbers that naturally nest in trees but will nest in attics if given the opportunity. Squirrels can sense that the inside of the house is warm, and they can even smell the food that you cook indoors. To get in, squirrels will exploit any weaknesses they find on the roof, such as a gap between the roof’s edge and the framing of the house. They can also chew their way through plastic roof vents.

Outside, squirrels build their nests out of twigs, branches, and leaves. Between the branches of a tree, or within a tree hollow, they weave these materials together in a particular fashion for stability and insulation. In an attic, squirrels will usually build a nest of twigs within the insulation. The insulation will have been manipulated to surround the nest or be a part of it. Nests are usually very close to an opening, so the squirrels have easy access to the outdoors. Around the nest, you may find feces and hoards of nuts. If you cannot access the nest, listen for scratching and squealing sounds coming from the attic during the day.

If there is a squirrel nest in the attic, you should call a local pest removal company for help. Nests are often constructed by females hoping to raise their young in a safe place. Females will show aggression if you get too close, and their bites and scratches risk transmitting dangerous illnesses. Separating a female from her young could also result in more damage to the roof as she tries to get back inside. A professional can locate the nest and safely remove the animals without anyone getting hurt. He or she can then pest-proof your home so that this does not happen again.

The technicians at Squirrel Control are experienced in squirrel removal and would be happy to help you out. The services we render are safe, humane, and reliable. We conduct thorough inspections to identify all potential points of entry and offer guaranteed exclusion services. We also offer cleaning and disinfection services to remove all odours and pathogens the animals left behind. The squirrels on your property will be gone in no time. Call Squirrel Control for high quality pest control: 647-496-0815.

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