danger of squirrel infestation in attic

What Does it Mean When a Squirrel Jumps on You?

Squirrels are not inherently dangerous animals, but there is always a level of unknown when it comes to a wild animal. They certainly cannot kill you, but there is a possibility of being bitten by a squirrel, which can possibly contain pathogens and/or diseases due to the animal’s feral lifestyle. With this in mind, you may wonder what it means when a squirrel jumps on you.

If you have a squirrel jump onto your person, there can be an entire range of possibilities pertaining as to why this occurred. The first likely reason is the danger: squirrels will attempt to attack any potential predator if the animal feels threatened. If a squirrel jumps on you, you may be a little too close to a squirrel nest, which is causing panic within the squirrel. It is a good idea to try and remove the squirrel if this is the case to avoid being scratched or bitten.

But the danger is not the only reason behind the possibility of a squirrel jumping on you. If you have ever fed the squirrel, there is a good chance that the squirrel remembers you and is likely presenting itself to you to get more food. Although it is difficult to know if this is the case, you can place the food on the ground below and the squirrel will likely jump down to where you place it.

Another reason for jumping could be just sheer curiosity. The squirrel has no ulterior motive and is curious as to what you are and if you pose a threat. Squirrels have a large abundance of energy and they may possibly be using you to jump to a tree branch above you. It is not always a dangerous sign if a squirrel jumps on you.

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