Humane Squirrel Removal From Your Property Call The Professionals

Why You Need a Professional for Squirrel Removal

There is an abundance of information online as well as products available in hardware stores to help with DIY squirrel removal. It might be tempting to take up this project on your own but the best recourse you have for wildlife in your property is to call a professional squirrel removal service. DIY may seem cheaper and even exciting for those interested in this type of work but there is a high chance that you will end up calling a professional anyway.

There are a number of good reasons why you need to call a professional squirrel removal service in Toronto to help with your squirrel problem: 647-496-0815


Some of the DIY methods touted to help get of squirrels range from the unlikely to the absurd. From installing strobe lights, motion activated sprinklers, spraying hot peppers or cayenne, prey urine, animal or human hair, mothballs and any other repellents simply do not work.

Squirrels are actually very intelligent animals and can easily tell gimmicks from real danger. The squirrels may stay away for a while but that is only because they are highly sensitive to changes in their environment. Eventually, they will be back with a vengeance once they figure out that the repellents aren’t actually toxic or fatal. These types of solutions are a waste of time and money at best and can be outright dangerous at worst. Children or pets, for example, may pick up and consume mothballs that are lying around.

Legal Restrictions

Wildlife, which includes squirrels, is protected under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. This means you can’t hunt squirrel without a license and you definitely can’t kill them even on your own property. You need a permit to transport trapped squirrels for more than a kilometre.

These regulations seriously restrict how much you can do to remove the squirrels especially if you have already exhausted multiple methods. An expert has all the licensing he needs to trap and transport and even kill squirrels if at all necessary. Experts will, however, refrain from these kinds of things unless absolutely necessary and even then take special care to treat the animals humanely.

Trapping is Inhumane

Most people assume that live trapping squirrels are a humane way to remove them. This is only true if an expert is the one trapping them. Otherwise according to OSPCA trapping is illegal for the following reasons;

  • The animal can suffer from heatstroke or frostbite from being exposed to the elements
  • The trapped animal experiences intense stress and may cause itself serious injury and even death in its frantic attempts to escape the trap
  • Very few squirrels make it in their new territory where they are released on account of having to find shelter, food and water and escape predators in an unfamiliar territory
  • Separating squirrels from their litter causes the dependent young an inhumane death from exposure, hunger, dehydration or predation

There are a lot of considerations that go into trapping wildlife so it is best to leave it to an expert who can take all these factors into account. In fact, most wildlife removal experts prefer eviction and only trap wildlife in rare cases.

Wildlife-Proofing is Difficult

Successfully removing wildlife from your property is hard enough without counting the issue of how to keep them out in future. Squirrels can fit through a hole or gap the size of a nickel coin. They are also great at exploiting weaknesses such as fragile chimney caps and damaged shingles. The chance that you will be able to seal all possible entry points into your home is next to zero especially if you have an older home. The squirrels will simply find a different entry point.

You also need to remove other attractants such as unsecured trashcans and trim tree branches. Only an expert can effectively reinforce your home and get rid of all the attractants that are inviting the squirrels onto your property in the first place.

Squirrel Waste is Toxic

Watching wildlife removal experts in Ontario cleaning after squirrel nests is reminiscent of a nuclear event. The experts come dressed in jumpsuits, respirators, gloves and other protective gear. This isn’t excessive because squirrel droppings are very toxic. These contain viruses, parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens which can cause severe illness and even death. Cleaning in poorly ventilated spaces such as attics dramatically increases the chances of infection.

Squirrels also leave behind pheromones that can attract wildlife to your home for more than a kilometer. The new wildlife will attempt to break in and cause severe damage if they find your house reinforced to keep them out. An expert has the safety equipment and industrial-strength chemicals to guarantee safe and effective cleaning and disinfecting after removal.

Hire Wildlife Removal Company to Get Rid of Squirrels

Hire a wildlife removal company in Ontario that provides a warranty of at least a year for the job. The expert will also suggest additional measures that you can take to prevent the wildlife from invading in the future. Lastly, the service also includes repairing damage including torn or contaminated insulation. Hiring an expert for this kind of work is definitely the better and smarter decision over DIY.

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