don't poison squirrels

Why You Shouldn’t Poison Squirrels

Removing squirrels from your home in Canada permanently can be a difficult and frustrating task even for professionals. Poison may seem like an easy and quick solution especially if you have tried multiple removal methods and failed. There are many reasons why you should never poison squirrels or any other wildlife and use professional squirrel removal services.

It is Illegal

Squirrels are protected wildlife in Canada and it is illegal to kill them or harm them in any way. Keep in mind that it is also illegal to transport trapped wildlife for more than a kilometre without a permit. Canadian pesticide regulations are also stringent and cover which pests you can poison and the kinds of chemicals you can use without a license or permit.

It is Inhumane

The animals may be causing damage to your property but this is still not a good reason to kill them. Poisons take a long time to work and the animal suffers before it eventually dies. There are other effective alternatives you can employ such as humane exclusion. In most cases, it is humans who encroach on wildlife territory which results in human-animal conflict.

Poisons Are Ineffective

You may manage to kill a few squirrels but this doesn’t resolve the problem permanently. There is a reason why the animals are coming into your house and until that is resolved you will simply be dealing with new wildlife every time. Simple tasks such as removing food sources and sealing all entry points to your house can keep the wildlife away for good.

Dangerous for Children and Pets

Children, pets and even adults with developmental challenges have a habit of putting almost anything in the mouth. This puts them at constant risk of ingesting poisons. Any poison that is strong enough to kill squirrels will almost certainly kill a human or pet.

Rotting Carcass

Poisons take time to work and the animal may crawl away to its den to die. Squirrels typically hide in the most unlikely places including inside walls, in the attic and in crawl spaces. You may have to deal with the potent odour of rotting corpses for a long time before you can locate the animal.

Hire a Professional Squirrel Removal Service

The best alternative for poisoning squirrels is to hire a professional to take care of the problem. Most wildlife removal companies in Canada prefer humane eviction. This involves sealing all potential entry points into the house with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing. The expert then installs a one-way door to allow the squirrels out but blocks them from returning to the den. The animals will eventually find somewhere else to live once they realize they are locked out.

The professional service also includes cleaning and disinfecting after the eviction. Wildlife feces and urine contain many disease-causing organisms some of which can be inhaled while attempting to clean on your own. Hire a squirrel removal service that offers a warranty of at least two years.

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