Advantages of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Advantages of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel proof bird feeders are a great investment if you are having trouble with these rodents in your yard. Squirrels seem to like bird food as much as the birds do. There are many types of squirrel-proof bird feeders but based on the advantages mentioned here, you should pick up on the qualities or features to look for when shopping for one.

Below are some of the benefits of investing in a good squirrel-proof bird feeder as well as some of the features to prioritize when comparing the different options on the market.

Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeder

The first obvious advantage is that a squirrel-proof bird feeder keeps squirrels off it. Squirrels dominate the feeder keeping your favourite birds away. The rodents also waste bird seed by pouring it to the ground. They are natural over-eaters and you will find yourself constantly replacing the bird food. Getting rid of the squirrels is definitely good news for the birds.

More than that, the bird feeder might be the only thing attracting squirrels to your yard. Denying them access to the food may make them look for alternative foraging and even nesting areas. This is especially true if you combine denying them food with removing other attractants such as long tree limbs and berries or nuts on the ground.

Easy to Install

A good squirrel-proof bird feeder shouldn’t need any special poles, guards or additions. It should be easy to install horizontally on a tree limb or anywhere else you like. Look for an option that is aesthetically appealing. Just because it’s supposed to keep squirrels off doesn’t mean that the bird feeder should be an eyesore on your yard.

Keeps Other Nuisance Pests Away

It’s not just squirrels that you should worry about. Larger birds may want to patch on the bird feeder even if they have no interest in the bird seed. This keeps the target birds away. A good squirrel-proof bird feeder should have some kind of dislodging mechanism that keeps larger or heavier animals away. Other non-target birds that may be attracted to your bird feeder include cowbirds, blackbirds, starlings, pigeons and other pest birds.

A rotating design, for example, is great for preventing squirrels and large birds from landing or loitering on the feeder but remains stable when the smaller and lighter target birds appear. This may also mean fewer fights with your pets as these animals and birds have no more incentive to hang around your yard.

Easy Maintenance

A good squirrel-proof bird feeder keeps unwanted animals and pests off it with minimal or no ongoing cost on your part. Ideally, you shouldn’t constantly pay for battery replacements or other additions that need to be replaced often to keep the device working properly. Simple mechanical operations and fewer moving parts are the best in this case. The bird feeder should also be versatile enough to allow you to use whatever birdseed you like.

Hire an Expert to Remove Squirrels from Your Yard

Unfortunately, getting rid of squirrels from your yard often isn’t as easy as changing your bird feeder. Humane eviction remains the most sensible, responsible and effective way of removing squirrels from your property.

One-way doors allow squirrels to leave their nests but block them from coming back in. sealing the exits/entries with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing keeps the animals away for good.

Hire a squirrel removal expert Toronto to install the one-way door. Trapping a litter in the nest without the mother causes the baby squirrels to die from dehydration and starvation. A squirrel can fit through a hole the size of a nickel coin so it is highly unlikely that you can find and seal all potential entry points, especially in an old house.

The wildlife removal expert will remove the animals humanely and safely and wildlife-proof your property to avoid an invasion in the future. The expert will also clean and disinfect the toxic nest, feces and urine that the animals leave behind and pheromones that attract other wildlife for up to a kilometre.

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