How To Squirrel-Proof Your Roof Vents

How To Squirrel-Proof Your Roof Vents

So, you’ve taken all the necessary preparations to squirrel-proof your roof. Small holes in the roof? Sealed. Chimney cap? Check. Stray tree limbs and branches? Trimmed. You can take a break now, knowing that you’ve done everything you could to protect your house from pesky squirrels call us for squirrel removal Toronto services. 

Or, so you thought…

You might have forgotten the roof vent covers, which are extremely common here on houses in Ontario, Canada region. Roof vents, or the structures sticking out of your roof that allows air to enter and exit attics, contain holes that squirrels and other creatures can easily navigate themselves into. 

How do you prevent squirrels from going inside your roof vents?

The Different Types of Squirrel-proof Roof Vent Covers

You can use a squirrel-proof roof vent cover to prevent squirrels from getting inside your attic. Various covers exist to act as a seal or barrier, blocking off the entry of squirrels into and out of the attic. 

Aluminum Roof Vent Covers

These are typical roof vent covers that act as a deterrent from wild squirrels. However, the most dedicated of squirrels can still find a way inside your roof vents.

This is because aluminum roof vent covers are not chew-proof. Squirrels who are determined to get inside your attic, whether because of the cold Canadian winter or because it’s a mommy seeking shelter for her babies, can tear through aluminum vent covers.

It’s not unusual to see aluminum vent covers ripped apart by squirrel teeth. That’s why we recommend not going with an aluminum roof vent cover, but considering other options instead.

Wire Cage Roof Vent Covers

Roof vent covers made of steel or heavy gauge galvanized wire can be made to fit on the outside of roof vents. These vents are designed to not only keep out squirrels but other wildlife such as birds and raccoons. And the best part?

Squirrels won’t be able to chew through this thick material. While aluminum roof vent covers can be easily made away by the tough teeth of squirrels, if the wire cage cover is thick enough, squirrels won’t be able to get through.

The major downside is that you’ll have a cage sticking from the top of your roof, which can be unpleasant to many homeowners. If you don’t want to deal with a roof vent, there is another option that exists.

Remove Your Roof Vent Cover

Another option is to get rid of your roof vent altogether. It is true that attics need air circulation in order to avoid moisture buildup and rot. So, it is not advised to remove your roof vent if this is the only type of ventilation in your attic. 

However, if your home has ridge vents or other types of vents, you can safely remove your roof vent cover, also removing the headache involved in finding the perfect method of preventing squirrels from coming in.

Here in Toronto, Canada, many homeowners instead choose to call in a wildlife removal company in regards to squirrel-proofing their homes. That brings us to the best method to squirrel-proof your roof vent covers…

Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

It is best to hire a humane, professional squirrel removal company, as they can give their professional advice on how to best squirrel-proof your roof vent covers. 

Trying to find the perfect roof vent cover can be a hassle and also very costly. Trying to find the perfect roof vent cover that doesn’t break in the long run is even harder. That’s why it’s important to have a professional opinion before attempting to do it yourself. 

If you live in Ontario, Canada, consider contacting us for a professional assessment of your property today.

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