Are squirrel repellants effective 

Are squirrel repellants effective 

Squirrels are very agile, they live high up in the trees and are very hard to access. While there may be a swath of repellents that you can use the fact that the squirrels are often so high up that they will not even see or smell it can cause some major issues. There are many types of repellents. Chemical, natural, and even electronic. Many people will have a motion detecting strobe light that they hope will scare them off, other people use motion-detecting supersonic sounds to chase them away. All of these devices are fine but they will only affect a small area and squirrels live in a very big area. It may cause them to leave your deck alone, but it’s unlikely to chase them off the property entirely, they are far too bullheaded to do that. So much so that bull-headed should be changed to squirrel headed. 

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Many people swear by the urine of predators, this is a difficult one because most squirrels in the city rarely come across real predators and instead of fear humans and dogs instead of owls and snakes and foxes. So while the urine repellent method may work a bit in rural environments it is very unlikely to work in a city. Generally speaking, all of these products are what would be called a scam. They are inventions often made by people who do not truly know what they are doing, some of them can be dangerous and some can even risk killing a squirrel, this is not good because in Ontario, Canada there is a law that protects wildlife like squirrels and raccoons if you kill one you will have to deal with the SPCA. And they do not play around. The fine will be huge and long-lasting, which will cause further issues when trying to get rid of the squirrel issue on your property. 

The best way to keep squirrels away from your yard is to get rid of things that attract them. Make sure to rake your lawn, both front and back, daily to get rid of any nuts, seeds or berries that may have fallen over the night. Make sure to clean up very well after eating outside and to scrub your bbq and cover it with a tight-fitting cover. Squirrels love to nest in BBQs. If you do this, get rid of your bird feeder and stop feeding your pets outside you should not have to worry about squirrels any more. 

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