what to do about squirrel in walls

What to do about squirrel in walls?

Squirrels are notorious for getting in where they don’t belong. Attics, basements, garages, sheds and even into your walls. While in there they will tear up your insulation, chew on your wood and wires and even break holes in your drywall. They are real terror and they can also cause serious health hazards with their saliva, feces and urine.

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So if you have squirrels in your walls you need to act now and get them out. Most of the time squirrels don’t go so far into a home but if they are in your walls its because they have found access to food, water and warmth in your home. To get rid of them you need to take away a couple of those things. Food needs to be cleared from your entire home. No leftovers or dirty plates left in bedrooms. No food left outside or left open in the kitchen. All food must be stored in tight sealing containers that the squirrel cannot chew through. Make sure all leaks are sealed, pipes and taps are a very big draw for all infestations. 

If you still can’t get rid of them you can try calling the professionals at Squirrel Control. Our technicians know how to get a squirrel out of your home safely and humanely and quickly. We find places where the squirrel entered your home and seal them, the main entrance has a one-way door attached to it. If the squirrel leaves, and it will, it will not be able to get back in. We can also clean the infestation, remove babies and replace your insulation. All with a 2-year warranty on all of our work. Who else could you trust to treat your house like the home that it is. 

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