what do baby squirrels eat

What do baby squirrels eat?

Baby squirrels are very adorable as long as they are not in your attic with their mother, making a mess of the place and leaving trails of feces and urine. But the babies are very cute. 

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A baby squirrel will usually be nursed by its mother for the first 75 days of its life. This process helps the baby grow into a functioning child that can start eating hard food at about 49 days in. The mother will forage for food like nuts and vegetables and berries to help her babies grow and learn to eat hard food. The babies can also eat hard vegetables at this time like sweet potatoes and broccoli. They can eat shelled nuts till seven weeks but at nine weeks they can start eating independently of their mother’s help. They then learn social skills from their parent and leave the nest to make their own nest and mate. Most squirrels live a whopping 12 years. 

They will eat essentially any vegetable or nut that exists, from pine cones to apples and sunflower seeds to avocados. They can also eat flowers, which is great news for your garden. I’m sure it will look great this summer.

They are actually known as the greatest threat to a garden. They will eat literally anything, including your bulbs and root vegetables. They don’t mind digging and scrounging for scraps. They will eat literally everything if you don’t take the needed precautions. 

You must cover your garden in steel mesh, all the way around and covered on the top. The mesh needs to be dug at least one foot deep into the ground and buried to prevent burrowing animals. If you do this and seal your garbage cans then there is a very good chance you will be squirrel free.

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