Some odd squirrel behaviour

Some odd squirrel behaviour

Squirrels have always acted oddly, the internet has just made it more known. Squirrels have a specific method for storing their food by where they found it and what kind of nut it is. They are actually quite smart and will try to fake out other squirrels by pretending to burry a nut and then finding a different place to bury it, just to confuse them.

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It is not uncommon for the omnivorous squirrel to eat things other than nuts. They like fruit, berries, and insects as well. So if you see a squirrel acting strange and putting appalls in hanging baskets its just their way of storing food for the winter. You can ignore the situation or you can try to get the squirrel to leave. Likelihood is the squirrel that will not leave the property no matter what you do to it. And remember that squirrels are protected wildlife, killing them is very much illegal. 

Squirrels will often act seemingly erratically but they definitely have a plan for everything they do, not a good plan, but a plan. Like ripping off flower heads, they could be looking for insects to eat. They will do all sorts of things in your yard but that is not the issue. Its when they penetrate your home that you need to worry. Squirrels can cause enormous damage to an attic especially. They defecate and urinate all over the place and rip up the insulation to make their nest. And if you have babies in the attic it can be even worse. If this is the case you definitely need to call the professionals. 

Squirrel Control has everything you need to eradicate those squirrels from your attic. We can place a one way door and exclusion around the house to seal entry points and then attach a one way door to the roofs main entrance that allows the squirrel to get out but stops it from getting back in.

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