Are squirrels ever aggressive

Are squirrels ever agressive?

Squirrels are normal in their own world. They rarely notice humans and tend to go about their business wherever they are. However, squirrel mothers and large squirrel males may act aggressively if they think you threaten their children or territory. That is why it is very important not to go near or make contact with or try to feed squirrels.

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Unless you want to go on antibiotics and get a booster shot for tetanus. Squirrels are much more dangerous creatures than most people realise and in the wild they are not interested in human contact unless its for food and they will harm you if they think you have food on you that you have not given them. They can smell food very well so they will know even if it is in a sealed container. 

It is very important to keep squirrels off your property. If you have squirrels on your property then you need to act fast. Seal away all your garbage and never leave food or pet food outside. Cover your garden with steel mesh buried at least a foot deep and make sure there are no easy ways to get into your roof. Because a squirrel in your roof can be a serious nightmare. They may decide to use it to nest and reproduce and raise their children which will destroy your attic, the insulation and fill it with dangerous and toxic feces and urine that can make your family very sick. 

The best way to get rid of them is to call the professionals at Squirrel Control. Our technicians can remove any babies and get the squirrel out safely and humanely with a one-way door that lets the animal leave but prevents them from re-entering. We can also deal with the damage to your attic by sealing entry points and replacing your infested insulation with fresh, fire retardant cellulose insulation. 

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