Why can ground squirrels become a pest problem

Why can ground squirrels become a pest problem

Ground squirrels are a different breed of a squirrel than most people are used to. Instead of living above the ground in trees they prefer to live underground in burrows. 

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They are a major problem in your yar because their burrows can cause flooding. They can also bring along fleas and other insects and they are riddled with disease. They will also happily destroy your garden and rip apart your flower bed. If you don’t deal with it quickly with will populate to a point that they become uncontrollable and can cause absolute mayhem in your home and on your property. 

Dealing with them is a two-step process. Prevention and action. If you want to prevent these animals from coming on your property then your need to get to work. Make sure to get rid of all the food on your property, any leftovers, especially from young children, can attract squirrels. So get rid of all food, drink and leftover and also make sure to get rid of pet food. Squirrels love pet food. 

You will also need to seal your garbage in a locked container and put it in your garage. Make sure your garage door meets the ground or the squirrels will just wriggle in from underneath and do what they always do. 

You can also try covering your garden in steel mesh, buried one foot deep to stop them from burrowing underneath. This will help stop them from accessing your home. 

If the infestation has entered your home you will need to call the professionals. At Squirrel Control we have technicians that know their stuff. They can find the main point of entry and attach a one-way door that allows the animal to leave but stops it from getting back in. This way you can get rid of the squirrels, or squirrels, humanely and safely without having to deal with messy traps and illegal poisons. 

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