Who should I call to remove a squirrrel from my home?

Who should I call to remove a squirrrel from my home?

Removing a squirrel from your home is no easy task and not something you should try to do yourself. Squirrels can be very aggressive and can cause tetanus with their bites and scratches. Trapping is also not a great way to go, they are insanely complicated and impossible to set up and you have to constantly check on them because you can’t let the squirrel die, it’s against the law. Harm causing traps are also illegal in Canada when used against protected wildlife. 

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The best thing to do is to squirrel proof your home and property and to call in a professional to handle the squirrel in your home. 

Work you will have to do includes removing any food sources the squirrel may be able to access. Lock your garbage up tight in the garage and make sure your garden is protected with a sheet of steel mesh. Block their access to trees with aluminum collars and branch trimming and make sure not to feed your pets outside, they make a mess and attract animals while they do it. Keep the pet feeding on the inside. It is also important to keep your home clean of food particles and to seal food in your kitchen in plastic lidded containers. Don’t take any chances when it comes to pests and wildlife. 

Contact Squirrel Control for help removing your squirrel. We have a method of removal that is safe and humane and will barely be noticed by the animal. Our technicians will attach a one-way door to the entrance of where the squirrel has gotten in, the squirrel can leave but can not get back in. Getting rid of the squirrel and saving you a lot of hassle.

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