what is the best method of squirrels pest control

What is the best method of squirrel pest control?

Squirrel pest control is a complicated process. It is not something you can do entirely on your own. The process involves preventing the squirrels from entering your property and also dealing with any squirrels that might be in your home. To deal with the squirrels on the outside there is a lot you can do on your own.

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You can of course hire a professional to install collars on your trees made of aluminum to prevent squirrels from trying to climb them, trim your branches back to stop them from traveling between trees and generally cut off their access to places to make a nest outside. You can also prevent them from accessing your food supply buy removing any leftovers or pet food from outside and locking your garbage in a tight container and storing it in the garage. Make sure your garage door closes tightly. 

You can also try some repellents or hire a professional to spray a stronger commercial repellent. 

Removing access to food and water and places to nest is the best way to stop squirrels from coming to your property but if they already have come to your home then you will need to take stronger action. Trapping the squirrels in generally a waste of time. Most animals are smart enough to recognize a trap for what it is and those who don’t may get trapped for so long that they end up dying. And remember that squirrels are protected wildlife and killing them is illegal. It is required by law to remove them in a safe and human fashion. The best way to do this is with a one-way door, a device that lets the animal leave wherever it has broken into and prevent it from getting back in.

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