How to stop squirrels from chewing on wires

How To Stop Squirrels From Chewing On Wires

Squirrels are a nightmare to have in your home. They tend to invade attics to get access to food and water and shelter. If you have a squirrel in your attic then you need to get rid of it. The easiest way to do that is to cut off their access to food and water. And you better get to it quick before the squirrels destroy your house. Have squirrels you want to get rid of? Contact Squirrel Removal Toronto for all your squirrel problems!

You will need to clear out all the food you have on your property. Get rid of anything that could is eaten, pet food is also very bad. Clean up your yard and remove all garbage and detritus, make sure any food from outdoor meals or from feeding pets is cleaned up and taken inside. You will want to put collars on your trees made of aluminum and trim the branches back to stop the squirrels from jumping trees. Sealing your garbage is the most important step because it’s why most animals come to your property in the first place. Make sure to seal it tightly in a locked container and store it in the garage so animals can’t get at it. Make sure your garage door meets the ground as well. 

 You can also hire a professional from Squirrel Control. Our technicians are highly trained experts on wildlife infestations and can easily remove the animal for you. We use a safe and humane process of attaching a one-way door to the main entrance the squirrel is using to get into the house. We then seal all other entrances with steel mesh. The animal can then leave the attic in search of food but when it gets back it will find it cannot get through the one-way door and will move on to find a new nest.

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