how to seal off my attic so squirrels cant access it.

How to seal off my attic so squirrels cant access it.

Squirrels are very persistent creatures, you may think you locked them out but a few days later they may be right back where they were. It’s rough but true. The best way to handle it is to not just seal up your attic but to prevent squirrels from wanting to come to your property at all. You can take action on your own that will make squirrels gasp in terror at your property and run away to find somewhere else to nest. They need food, water and shelter to survive with their young and they can find that in your attic, but if there is no food to be eaten, and no water to be found then what are they to do? They must move on. Have squirrels you want to get rid of? Contact Squirrel Removal Toronto for all your squirrel problems!

If you have gardens, vegetables or flowers, squirrels will come and they will devour anything and everything they see. Preventing this is actually not too hard. All you need to do is to cover the garden in steel mesh. Make sure it is covered on all sides and buried at least one foot into the ground so that you can also prevent burrowing animals from getting in. You will also have to properly store your garbage. Tie the bags tightly and make sure they are stored in tightly locked containers that are placed in a garage, not at the side of the house or on the curb until the garbage collectors come to take it. Also make sure your garage door closes all the way to the ground or else animals and pests may be able to get in. 

As far as exclusion goes, that’s sealing up parts of your roof and home to prevent wildlife from getting in, you should not do it yourself as it can be very dangerous on the roof. You should hire a professional from Squirrel Control who can inspect your home for entry points and seal them with ease. Your home will be safe from squirrels when you go with Squirrel Control. 

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