how to scare away squirrels from my garden

How to scare away squirrels from my garden

Scare away? Like dance around and make loud noises? It doesn’t work like that. Squirrels are people and don’t think like people. They are not frightened by madness or loudness. They may leave because the noise hurts their ears but would have to be quite loud for that to happen. Squirrels just don’t respond to fear in that way, you can try using spotlights or loud noises to chase them away but it really won’t work, they may be startled but they will quickly return to what they were doing before and ignore the strange events that they don’t understand and really don’t care about. Have squirrels you want to get rid of? Contact  Squirrel Removal Toronto  for all your squirrel problems!

The best way to get rid of squirrels is not to do the jig while singing the old man river. Its to take care of your home and your property in a preventative manner to stop squirrels from coming there in the first place. You can carefully store your garbage in a sealed and locked container in your garage. Get rid of any food outside like leftovers or pet food. Get rid of detritus and old wood on your property that they could nest in and prevent them from climbing your trees by trimming back the branches and attaching aluminum collars around the trunks. Some commercial repellents can also be effective but you will need to hire an extermination company for that. 

It’s also important to prevent them from entering your home. This can be done with the preventative exclusion that seals the area of your home that can be accessed by wildlife. This includes more than just squirrels and can protect you from all kinds of things like raccoons. If you call Squirrel Control you can get a fair and affordable price on all exclusion work and even get your attic sanitizes and deodorized after the work is done.

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