how to properly remove a squirrel nest

How to properly remove a squirrel nest

Squirrels are annoying pests. They invade your home and make nests and spread disease through their feces and urine. Removing a squirrel nest is a very difficult procedure, especially if the squirrel is in the nest. Removing a squirrel nest from your attic or a tree outside is very difficult indeed. If it was easy there would not be so many infestations in the province. The best way to handle squirrels however is to prevent them from getting into your attic or up your tree in the first place. This is definitely a job for a professional.

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At wildlife shield we can send a trained technician who specializes in the removal of squirrels and their nests and is skilled in preventing squirrels from returning. They will inspect the trunk of the tree and then set up a ladder and climb up the tree to remove vacant nests. Nests with babies are not removed for humane reasons. 

The tech will then install a tree collar a few feet off the ground that will prevent squirrels from climbing the tree. However, they can still get to that tree from other trees touching it so it is important to call in a tree trimmer and have those branches cut back so that squirrels can’t leap from tree to tree. 

The collar is made from aluminum which is a material squirrel cannot grasp onto easily and is uncomfortable to climb, this will prevent them from trying to return to the tree. They will generally go elsewhere for nest making. 

There is also a repellent we can spray on the base of your trees that will assist in getting rid of your squirrel problem. Don’t try doing this yourself, it’s dangerous and many of the supplies are not available to the public. Use professionals and enjoy the amazing results and the 2-year warranty on all our work.

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