Squirrel damage and how to control it

Does a radio scare away squirrels in the attic?

No. No it does not. Squirrels are not easily frightened and they aren’t humans. So playing loud music may not even bother them. They don’t know what the loud music is in the first place, or that it is music, or that it is even loud. You would have to make it truly epically loud to get their attention. And what are you going to do? Crawl into your 3-foot high attic and place a stereo system in there WHILE active squirrels are running around?

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They won’t even hear it if you play it on a lower floor so check that off your list. Squirrels are not easily frightened, they don’t find humans a threat because humans often feed them and treat them kindly. If anything, most squirrels like humans and like being around them. They have no idea how much hatred we have for their furry little bodies. 

You can try using repellents. But they rarely work and the good ones are commercial and not available at your local retailers. Whatever you do, do not try to trap the squirrel. Most squirrels have seen traps function and are aware of their purpose and will avoid them at all costs. They may get caught in one but then you have to check it constantly, leaving an animal in a trap for even a few hours could cause them to panic and start chewing off a limb. You need to get there in time to take the raccoon a distance from your home no more than 1 km and release it. Traps are also very hard to set up and often need an expert to use. Some traps are also cruel and inhumane. It is important to note that squirrels in Ontario are protected wildlife and killing them is a crime.

If you have squirrels in your attic you need to call a professional to remove them. At Squirrel Control we can send a highly trained technician to attach a one-way door to your attic that will allow the animal to leave but prevent it from returning. This is much more humane and safe for you and the animal. 

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