Are squirrels territorial in nature?

Are squirrels territorial in nature?

Squirrels appear to be a boon to the ecological state of the world. They seem to be a bother to no one and a helpful animal that seeds the earth with thousands of nuts that allow trees like the oak tree to spread its seed over a kilometre. Many forests exist because of these foraging animals. They helped create old-growth forests by spreading tree nuts all around the woods. But if you end up with a squirrel on your property everything will change.

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The cute little helper will turn into a dangerous, disease-ridden, aggressive, territorial maniac bent on destroying your home with chewing, feces, urine, saliva and the raising of their children. They are a dangerous threat to any property, commercial or residential and they will attack anything that tries to corner them or tries to access their nest. They can pass on a large number of illnesses like ringworm, tularaemia and typhus. If you have a squirrel living on your property or in your attic, garage, basement or inside the walls of your house then you are in danger. Their feces and urine can grow to such a quantity that it can penetrate the ceiling and create a brownish-black leak that smells like death. 

Squirrels are not breaking into your attic for no reason, however. For them, it is a necessity. They must protect their babies from predators, including male squirrels other than the father. They will break into a truly safe area and then go find a mate, when she brings the mate back to the nest she will let him do his business and then she will aggressively chase him out of the nest by biting and scratching him. This is why a lot of male squirrels have baling tails. The female will live in the attic for as long as it takes for her babies to become mobile and able to hunt for themselves. After that, the female will abandon her children and leave to start the process over again in late summer. 

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