Are Squirrels territorial?

Are Squirrels territorial?

Squirrels are small and innocuous. They seem to be just a bunch of rodents running around looking for nuts but that is not the case. Squirrels are hyper-aggressive and viciously territorial. If you find one staring at you they do not want to be pet or be your friend. They are eyeing you as a predator and deciding the best way to harm you like running up your pant leg and biting you. Squirrels should never be approached, they carry an array of diseases that can cause horrifying symptoms and even lead to death. 

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Squirrel Life Cycle

Squirrels have very gender-specific life cycles. The male has little to do throughout the year but hunt for food and chase females. They are constantly in heat and constantly trying to find females they can mate with. The female on the other hand does not go through this constant heat. She enters heat twice a year first at the end of winter and again in late summer. The female is the one who does all of the work to continue the species. Without the female squirrel, there would be no males, or females, at all. The female squirrel first finds a safe place to nest, often in an attic or secluded place that people do not frequent. They can also be very dumb and try to build a nest in a place that is obvious and frequented by some humans. They are not quite as willy as raccoons but they are determined. She will find a home and then build a nest. She will then go out and find a male to mate with. When she finds him she will mate with him and then chase him out of the nest aggressively. The male will leave to find a new female and the female will remain to raise the babies. 

Squirrel Diseases

Squirrels have known disease carriers and while not all their diseases can be passed on to humans they do carry such illness as ringworm, tularaemia and typhus. These illnesses are very serious and some can lead to death. So if you have a squirrel on your property building a nest, you need to call the professionals and get rid of it before it fills your attic with feces and urine. 

Why You Need A Professional

A professional will be able to find out not just where and how the animal got into space but also how other animals could get in through other ways. They can then perform a service called exclusion which seals up all of these areas with steel mesh and steel cages. Call Squirrel Control now for a free quote!

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